Scientists, climate experts endorse Joe Biden as 2020 presidential candidate

"On Earth Day, we speak with one voice: we must elect Joe Biden the next president of the United States—for all our sakes."


In an open letter, more than 50 scientists and some climate experts endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president. This comes just a week after Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) endorsement, which included plans to create a joint policy “task force” with climate being a major topic together with Biden.

Some of the signatories include Nobel Laureates; senior leaders in academia; lead authors of reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC); public health experts; members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; and science advisors to multiple administrations of both parties, according to the open letter.

“We are confident that, unlike President Trump, Joe Biden will respect, collaborate with, and listen to leaders in the scientific community and public health experts to confront the existential climate crisis and other environmental threats,” the letter states.

Biden recently announced he will “expand his climate platform,” Axios reported. While his “key objective” is still unsure, Biden said that his campaign will “commence a process to meaningfully engage with more voices from the climate movement—including environmental justice leaders and worker organizations, and collaborate on additional policies in areas ranging from environmental justice to new, concrete goals we can achieve within a decade, to more investments in a clean energy economy.”

“Biden’s plan to address climate change leads with science and facts and pledges U.S. leadership on climate action,” the letter states.

The open letter praised Biden for his introduction of one of the first climate change bills to “curtail carbon emissions as a Senator” in 1986. And his ongoing support of science and the environment will enable his commitment “to meet the climate challenge with ambitious policies and urgent action as President,” the letter states.

“Now more than ever, the United States needs a President who trusts and respects scientists and will confront the climate crisis head on, rather than leave our children and grandchildren to suffer its consequences,” the letter states. “On Earth Day, we speak with one voice: we must elect Joe Biden the next president of the United States—for all our sakes.”


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