Mr. Trump: do you now understand the ramifications of your anti-mask policies?

Based on three reversals in a short span of time, I’d say that he should be readmitted to Walter Reed for more intensive treatment. And here’s a big plus. I believe they have a world-class psychiatric ward.


I certainly hope that this president, after his body has been invaded by the deadly Covid-19 virus, has learned a valuable lesson. That his continuous dismissal of the value of masks and social distancing must now end and he must reverse his thinking. 

The American people, except for Trump’s brainwashed supporters, will remember how he once called the threat posed by Covid-19 no more than a hoax, and that masks are a sign of weakness. Well, that hoax caught up with him.

Let’s make one thing quite clear. I want Trump and the First Lady to fully recover just as I would like to see every possible American infected with it also recover. One day we will see this virus disappear but until then we will see a great deal more pain, suffering, and death. 

One possible outcome of Trump contacting this virus will be that most every American who has doggedly rejected the use of masks and social distancing will now have been awakened and can think deeply about the danger to themselves and others if they continue to refuse to cooperate.

A very important question: did Trump go to that fundraiser in New Jersey on Thursday, Oct. 1 after he was aware that Hope Hicks had tested positive; and then, as many are saying, he had also tested positive Did he know that, recognize the danger involved with going to the fundraiser, and still went?

Trump’s obsession with being elected and his almost total neglect of managing the efforts to stamp out this disease is the reason why it continues to infect thousands more of Americans every day. Trump, in effect, divorced himself from the task force, letting the virus run rampant. 

If and when he fully recovers from this virus will he:

Wear a mask whenever he interacts with other people? Will he now practice social distancing. Will he encourage others to do the same, stressing to them that by doing this they will not endanger themselves and others around them? I sincerely doubt it.

Will he now have empathy toward others, sympathizing with the pain and suffering they are going through. Will he comfort those who have had family members, friends, or neighbors die from this virus? Are you serious?

Will he now work more closely with scientists, governors, and other officials to coordinate all efforts to make the management of this situation much more effective? That’s no more than wishful thinking.

Unfortunately, Trump will do little or nothing of the above and continue to make his reelection his #1 priority.

I watched as Trump appeared in an SUV waving to his supporters. A CNN reporter said that he “jumped into a car along with two Security Agents.” How very bizarre. Didn’t this airhead president understand that he could easily infect these agents? What a completely stupid thing to do.

On Monday, Oct. 5 and, after just 3 or 4 days at the hospital, Trump was discharged in the evening. I’d bet he forced the doctors to let him go back to the White House. That was a monumental mistake because scientists say that after about 7 days a person with this virus could have a huge relapse.

He’s back at the White House where a great number of staffers have now been infected as a result of his recklessness and refusal to wear masks and social distance. The minute he ascended the stairs after he arrived back at the White House he took off his mask as a sign of strength and independence. 

What is going on in America right now is something we could never have imagined could happen. And Trump is personally responsible for what has transpired. He has been called the most dangerous man in the world many times and that is absolutely correct. He has now also become the Super Spreader in Chief.

I wonder if Trump’s previous unstable mental state has deteriorated even further because the virus has affected his brain. Scientists have said that is sometimes the case. 

Here’s something that indicates he may not be thinking clearly. While he was in the hospital at Walter Reed, he tweeted that another stimulus was needed to help people out of work, small businesses, and the airlines.

Thereafter, on the following Tuesday, Trump slammed the door on a reelection deal hours “after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said more stimulus to the economy is necessary, saying the recovery has a long way to go.” Then, after the stock market took an immediate downward turn, he reversed his position again.

Based on three reversals in a short span of time, I’d say that he should be readmitted to Walter Reed for more intensive treatment. And here’s a big plus. I believe they have a world-class psychiatric ward.

And now the answer to the question posed in the above title: Mr. Trump: do you now understand the ramifications of your anti-mask policies? 

What might he say? “Absolutely not, no way, just forget it, no change is coming. Don’t be afraid of COVID, don’t let it dominate your life.”


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