The important things for humanity

We need to get rid of wars, racism, inequality, and all those other traits which make us less human and which undermines our survival.


I laying dreaming last night, trying to think of the things that are important for the human race.  Many people will focus on religion or politics as being important.  Yes, those can be important, but in terms of overall importance, they are down the list.  I think that these are the important things.

Life:  Preserving the life of humans as a group is obviously the most important thing.  When one is asked if one supports capitalism or socialism, I think the answer is: which system best permits humans to continue to exist?  And I don’t think that is an easy question to answer.  But focussing on the preservation of the group of humans is the important thing to do, because without our existence, there is nothing.

Air:  Yes, air is very important.  If we don’t have air, we don’t have life.  Therefore, getting rid of fossil fuels is important, because using those fuels reduces the quality of air.  Climate change is bad to the extent that it hurts air quality.  We need to ask whether socialism or capitalism helps or hurts air quality.

Water:  Water is absolutely essential to preserve life.  There is no point in favoring one religion over another, for example, if one of them hurts the quality or quantity of water.

Food: In the United States, we are so used to having enough food that we forget that lack of food has been of historical importance.  It remains a real problem in many places.

Places To Live:  We call them “houses,” but places to live can include tents, igloos, holes in ground, caves, and other spots.  These places protect us from adverse climate and give us a place to sleep.  We could be in mass dormitories, although we are not used to that idea.  Why don’t we have buildings with individual little rooms surrounding larger rooms in which we could meet or eat?  The important thing is to find comfort and protection.

Climate:  It is only recently that we have begun to realize that the things we do as humans may actually create a hotter or colder climate, or create rain or drought.  We need to focus our own activities on this important part of our existence.

Population: In the past few centuries, population has surged in numbers from 1 billion humans to around 9 billion.  This jump has begun to end as people become more conscious of issues like having children, not to mention the quality of the living space.  We also are recognizing that having too many people affects things like air and water and life itself.  

Learning: Educating ourselves as a group and knowing more is essential to preserving humans.  In the past, we have had wild beliefs about what we need to survive as a species.  Today, we are conscious of what we are doing which erodes the quality of the planet on which we live.  Creating understanding within ourselves is essential to our continued being.

Eliminating Things That Kill Us:  It’s quite amazing how humans ignore things that they do which creates dangers for the species.  For example, we have developed atomic power, even though that invention could actually result in eliminating ourselves (not to mention a lot of other life on our planet).  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try to develop different power systems, but we need to be conscious of the dangers involved.

Preserving The Planet:  We need to preserve our planet.  Right now, we are exploring outer space – but that really isn’t important, unless we think that there are other creatures out there with whom we much make contact to preserve ourselves.  If we would only make the Earth a better place, going elsewhere would be far less important.

Think about the foregoing, and then ask: why is humankind important?  Who created us?  Why?  Think of the things that are necessary to keep us together and surviving.  We need to get rid of wars, racism, inequality, and all those other traits which make us less human and which undermines our survival.  For all of you who are racists, I have to say that you are focussed on the wrong thing.  You can like your race, but the whole of humanity is far more important.  You can be a “patriot,” but why not be a supporter of everyone?  You can, you know.  Don’t focus on your narrow beliefs, but look at the things that will help us all.


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