Sound the alarms; someone let the crazies out and they’re now occupying the US Congress, primarily the House

This is no joke, it’s not the least bit funny, it shows that this country is in deep, deep trouble.

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When in the history of the U.S. have we ever seen the U.S. Congress infiltrated by such a large bunch of loonies who are out of their “gourds”, that should be receiving mental assistance instead of occupying important positions in the U.S. Congress? When in this nation’s history has something so very scary ever happened before?

And, if one thinks that this is very bad, very dangerous, then want to know something even scarier? We now have a Speaker of the House, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is second in line to be president if something happens to the current president. Is that bad, is that frightening? Well, sound the alarms again and let them go on endlessly. Can you even begin to imagine what could happen to this country if this guy, who is teetering on the edge, ever became president?

This is no joke, it’s not the least bit funny, it shows that this country is in deep, deep trouble.

Various Republicans in the House have been trying to bring weapons onto the House floor or into hearing rooms, but so far they have been stopped. They are allowed to keep them in their offices. And, also when the Repubs took power in the House they, almost immediately, removed the metal detectors that would spot weaponry at the House entrances. Just a plain brilliant move by the gun crazies. Let’s call it the Wild West House and let them open carry their “six guns” anywhere they please and maybe we’ll see some really exciting standoffs or gunfights. How low can these Republicans sink?

Now, when considering the mental state of some of these ultra-radical far out right-wing Republicans, what in the world can be said about the mindset of those Americans who staunchly support them, who elected them; that some were just plain fooled or misguided into voting for them, or they may have been under some kind of spell? 

I previously wrote two articles for this website not that long ago about exploring the mindset of a typical hardcore Trump supporter and now I’ll use some of the important points made here, in this article. Here they are:

Let’s begin with this question: how could Donald J. Trump, a man with a plethora of character faults, who surely will go down in history as one of worst presidents to ever occupy the White House, have so many staunch supporters?”

“I’m speaking of those who will stand by him no matter what he does, no matter how egregious his policies and actions may be?”

It’s important that we define mindset: A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations. Take special note of the words, ‘fixed mental attitude’ which I would say is an attitude that is locked into a person and cannot be changed even if conditions change to a great extent.”

I keep hearing that these are Americans who voted for him because they are very angry and frustrated at what is happening in America, that this country has been rapidly going in the wrong direction. And they see Trump as their great savior who will take it in new directions.”

I can fully understand how and why they might feel that way, but if they were looking for a real agent of change to take this country in a new and positive direction why in the world choose someone like Trump? Someone who is extremely narcissistic, hateful, insulting, deceitful, and a master of the art of lying?”

This group appears to be very afraid that various minorities are going to keep growing in numbers and that they, white Americans, will then become the new minority. That’s why they strongly support Trump’s very evident disdain for minorities, in particular, African Americans and Hispanics.”

Well, in closing, all I can say is that there is some good news in this situation: at least, two-thirds of the American people have their heads on straight.”

Hundreds of now-dead former Republican representatives that once served in the U.S. Congress are now turning over and over in their graves at what their party has now become.

Just a thought about the horrific Jan.6 insurrection: as terrible as this attack on our democracy was, there might be something of value that will result. Just think of the many insurrectionists that have been tried, convicted, and are in prison; those enemies within America will no longer be able to continue to undermine our democracy in various ways. That’s a great outcome and we need a lot more.

In this following group, there are more than a few Republicans who should be considered dangerous, some who are somewhat unbalanced, and others who badly need some mental help.

I can’t believe it, but George Santos, the famous liar, and any number of his cohorts are now wearing AR15 assault rifle pins on their lapels that are a grievous insult to the little children that have been murdered by these heinous weapons. And, as a further insult, these gun lovers are even suggesting that this “insignia” should become the national “gun of America.” I won’t say what we should do with these low-level human beings that promote these murder weapons but it would be like something 20 years in prison.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: She has been advocating for a red states’ secession; some call it an idiotic idea, but maybe that’s what this country needs to get more decent and respectable.

Kevin McCarthy: This pandering Speaker of the House gave Tucker Carlson 44,000 hours of Jan. 6 videotape; isn’t this a breach of security calling for an arrest? Here’s hoping that Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox News results in destroying Fox News and sends Carlson and his pretend journalists out in the streets never to return.

Scott Perry: Right in the center of the coup, a co-conspirator with the intent to defraud the government. His chances of an indictment are very great, but, as we know very well, the wheels of justice in America turn very, very slowly, if at all. Are you listening, AG Merrick Garland, are you even awake?

 George Santos: Pathological liar, cheater, manipulator, head case, and wanted in Brazil for embezzlement.

Lauren Boebert: She was called out for seemingly “praying” for Biden’s death. Was she censured or punished in any way? Of course not. 

Paul Gosar: A Republican congressman tweeted a digitally edited anime-style video that shows Gosar slashing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and lunging with two swords at President Biden. Gosar said it was a joke, but who’s laughing?

Matt Gaetz: every time this guy opens his mouth to say anything, it’s a candidate for #1 in pure stupidity.

Jim Jordan: he’s the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (can you believe it?) but doesn’t even have a law degree. From Raw Story: “In 2001, Jordan obtained a Juris Doctor degree from Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio, but he never took the Bar exam test required to become a practicing attorney.” But, then again, why in the world does one even need a law degree to lead one of the most important committees in Congress? 

And, we should remember that this guy was once an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State U., and he was mixed up in some kind of a very serious scandal. Take a look at this article from Bipartisan Report entitled “HBO Will Air Clooney Documentary About Ohio State Rape Scandal Involving Jim Jordan” very soon. He was aware of scandalous things taking place and refused to report them. Maybe he won’t escape the law after this film, at least we can hope not.

Ron Johnson: slightly unhinged to say the least.

Here are some other Republican political whackos:

Louie Gohmert

Mo Brooks

Ted Cruz

Rand Paul

Marco Rubio

Tom Cotton

Joni Ernst

When so many of these pseudo-Republicans disregarded the extreme seriousness of the Jan. 6 attack on the nation’s Capitol and called it no more than a tourist situation they showed their treasonous side; treachery, sedition, betrayal of America. That’s aiding and abetting an insurrection.

More and more of the American people who have sleeping while Republicans have been attacking our democracy, that have not been paying attention, are now waking up and seeing the Republicans for what they are, what they have become, how they lie, misinform, obstruct, and refuse to do what is right for this country. I hope they stay awake.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, one of the few decent but pretty much spineless Republicans, is like a lone figure from the past when Republicans possessed some degree of honor, morals, and respectability. He doesn’t belong in this party, but the still hangs on even when there is no future for the GOP. Not too smart. Republicans are losing elections all over this country as their regressive rhetoric is backfiring. Romney has decided to go down with the sinking ship.

So, what might we conclude about the mindset of a typical rabid Trump supporter? It’s the fixed mindset of individuals who knowingly accept the behavior and actions of a man who is a pathological liar, one who is known to have sexually abused women, a sociopath, a lawbreaker of the highest order, and someone who totally disregards the principles of ethics and morals.

I’d say that a group of highly-respected psychiatrists in this country would not have to spend much time at all studying these Trumpsters before they would easily draw some very significant conclusions about their mindsets; that they are just like Trump, they believe in him and what he does, they think like him, and—they are cut out of the same cloth.


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