Over 80 groups challenge Biden: End arms transfers to Israel amid allegations of Gaza atrocities

The coalition's letter paints a harrowing picture of the situation on the ground.

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A formidable coalition of over 80 U.S. groups, representing Muslim, Palestinian, and allied interests, has delivered a message to President Joe Biden. Their collective voice demands a halt to U.S. arms transfers to Israel, amidst what they describe as a “genocidal war” in Gaza.

“The National Security Memorandum on Safeguards and Accountability With Respect to Transferred Defense Articles and Defense Services prohibits our government from transferring arms to nations that violate international law or obstruct U.S. humanitarian aid,” the groups stated in their letter, invoking U.S. legal commitments to underscore the gravity of their request.

The coalition’s letter paints a harrowing picture of the situation on the ground:

  • Over 32,000 Palestinians killed, most being women and children.
  • Deliberate obstruction of humanitarian aid by the Israeli military.
  • Targeted attacks on aid convoys, including a recent assault on a World Central Kitchen convoy, killing seven, among them an American citizen.

“This week, the Israeli military deliberately attacked three different clearly marked vehicles in a World Central Kitchen convoy, killing seven foreign aid workers—including an American citizen,” the letter detailed, highlighting the ruthlessness of the offensive.

The demands: A call for immediate action

In their plea to President Biden, the groups outline a series of urgent steps:

  1. “Recognize that the Israeli government’s actions in Gaza violate U.S. law and your national security memorandum.”
  2. “Suspend the transfer of all weapons to the Israeli government as required by U.S. law and your national security memorandum.”
  3. “Use American leverage to secure an immediate, permanent ceasefire, the unimpeded opening of all land crossings to humanitarian aid, the release of all hostages and political prisoners, and the reconstruction of Gaza.”
  4. “Pursue a just and lasting peace through an end to the Israeli occupation and apartheid policies.”

The coalition’s letter does not stand alone. It is echoed by the resignation and condemnation of former State Department official Annelle Shelline, who criticized the U.S. stance as making “a mockery of the administration’s claims to care about the law or the fate of innocent Palestinians.”

“The American people do not want a change in rhetoric. The American people want a concrete change in policy,” the letter concludes, laying bare the frustration and demand for a paradigm shift in U.S. policy towards Israel and Gaza.

The final words of the coalition’s letter state: “We implore you to reverse course before thousands more die.”


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