Here’s how the Democrats can reverse the terrible Supreme Court immunity ruling

This Supreme Court, once highly regarded and esteemed, has now become a rogue court taking its orders from Trump and the Republican Party. The time to reverse this terrible immunity ruling is now.


After watching the Biden/Trump debate, I was in a state of shock at what I had just witnessed; a huge collapse in President Biden’s presentation that stunned the nation. Biden, from the start to the finish of the debate, looked like he was lost in a forest and couldn’t find any way out. He mumbled, stumbled, and looked like the old man that many millions of Americans had been calling him.

And, then came an even much larger shock, as it was announced that the Trump Supreme Court had just issued the long-awaited immunity ruling that would make Trump almost untouchable; that he would be immune from prosecution for all “official acts” taken while in office, which President Biden said, “sets a dangerous precedent that Donald Trump would exploit if elected in November.”

As the Democrats recoil in their state of shock and disillusionment, I hear lots of “wailing and gnashing of teeth”, but I don’t hear any really good, effective solutions for this great dilemma. And, so, I think I will present one that will work, if administered correctly.

This Supreme Court, once highly regarded and esteemed, has now become a rogue court taking its orders from Trump and the Republican Party. The time to reverse this terrible immunity ruling is now.

So many things are going the wrong way in America, and little to nothing is being done to address them.

Guns and mass shootings are completely out of control, our kids are being slaughtered right in front of our eyes; the Republicans in Washington refuse to do anything and look the other way. What do so many of the American people do? Absolutely NOTHING!! Except, reelect them to do NOTHING again.

We are going backward as fast as we can by making legal gun bump stocks that can kill humans at lightning speed. But, again, do we even hear the slightest murmur about this from the people? Again, we hear NOTHING! What a country! Or, maybe they know it won’t do any good.

What is the biggest problem, besides the immunity ruling right now? In this land of liberty and justice for all? Is it the fact that a rapist, misogynist, sociopath, and convicted criminal is running for president and that most polls show him leading Biden? No, of course not, that doesn’t seem to bother many, millions of Americans. It’s that Joe Biden is 81 years old and just had a terrible debate experience.

This country is racing down a road in the wrong direction, and it just can’t seem to shift into reverse.

Let’s describe what America will be like under the highly dangerous, pathological liar, Donald Trump.

Trump will become the Rule of Law in the land. He will make good on his promise to install a dictatorship, which will make the Constitution and the U.S. Democracy meaningless. If you doubt that he will do that, then you must not have heard what he said, time and time again, “I’ll be a dictator on my first day in office.” We know he intends to be a dictator from that day and into the future. He must be stopped in his tracks.

Here are some of the things he will do to damage this nation or adversely affect it:

*Living in America will be like trying to exist in a never-ending nightmare.

*Putin and Kim Jung Un will be welcomed with Trump’s open arms.

*NATO will have a difficult time functioning effectively and could collapse.

*Ukraine will be torn apart by the newly recharged Russia, armed with Trump/American backing.

*America will be ruled by one unhinged president and six rogue justices.

I could go on and on but you get the point.

The question is: can this morbid ruling by the Supreme Court ever be reversed? And, the answer is, yes it can, but only if it is initiated by the people. They must send Trump and huge numbers of the U.S. Senate out of office, giving Democrats a huge Senate majority Then Biden or some other Democratic president must take steps to work with Congressional Democrats to increase the number of Supreme Court justices, 100 percent loyalists to their party, by 5 to totally wipe out the GOP majority, and then reverse those immunity laws. There is no question but that it will work!

Yes, it will work. But how?

Here’s the formula that I found in AlterNet. Org for achieving this huge objective. In an article from the Harvard Law and Policy Review, Kurt Walters puts forth four different ways that Congress could change the number of justices on the Supreme Court. I will present only two of them which I believe would have the best chance of passage.

From Kurt Walters: “The first and most straightforward approach to expanding the Court is adding two, four, or six new justices to the Court. This suggestion has been advanced by Professor Michael Klarman of Harvard Law School, among others. This expansion would serve to offset the tarnished confirmations of the most recent two Supreme Court nominees, although critics of this approach, including Senator Bernie Sanders, warn it could unleash a spiral of retaliatory moves by whichever party is in power.

The second option is to reconstitute the Supreme Court in the image of a federal court of appeals. This course of action would increase the number of justices to fifteen or a similar number. Panels of justices would be drawn from this larger group, with an option of en banc review. This plan would not only dislodge the Court’s current reactionary majority, but the panel format also would allow a greater number of cases to be heard.”

Now, what Kurt Walters is saying is that the number of justices can be changed, there is no question that it can be done. But doing it, getting it done, is something else because there have been so many times that presidents and members of Congress have wanted to do this but politics and tradition have stood in the way.

Think about this: the current number of justices, nine, has been in effect for a long time, since 1869. It just doesn’t change no matter who tries to do it. President Roosevelt tried in 1937 but was frustrated by rulings of the justices who stopped his New Deal programs. He was unable to find the necessary backing and gave up.

To do this in today’s Congress, because of the filibuster rule and other potential impediments, will not be easy, but it most certainly can be done. A new day has dawned, and the old days must be left in the rear-view mirror. This time failure is not even on the docket. This situation is like no other in this nation’s history, and I believe that the best course of action in this matter is to change the number of justices to 15.

What’s next? The 15 justices, with Democrats determining the agenda will tale positive steps to reverse the previous Trump immunity rule and then carry out the functions of the Court in a rational, law abiding manner.

The people of this nation have been listening to the immunity ruling that the rogue Supreme Court made which ripped apart the rule of law. They should understand one thing as the Democrats determine how to reverse this ruling; they must strongly back all Democratic candidates in the November election. If they do not, and vote for Trump and his blinded supporters, they will be guilty of helping to destroy America’s democracy. And, the America we all once knew, will be no more.


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Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His writings deal with social, economic, political and foreign policy issues; and especially with the great dangers involved with the proliferation of perpetual war, the associated defense industry, and the massive control that Corporate America holds over this government and our election process; all which are leading this nation down the road to eventual financial ruin if the conditions are not reversed. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois and a U.S. Army veteran.