Saturday, March 28, 2020

Donna Luca

Donna Luca
Donna Luca is the Board President of NationofChange. As an active philanthropist with over 25 years’ experience, her knowledge in educational and environmental causes fueled the idea of NationofChange. She knows how to motivate and inspire people into action.


The invisible candidate and the progressive lion

As Americans on the progressive left might have expected, the one politician who is responding with the seriousness and the kind of reassuring competence that his fellow citizens need in such a difficult time, is Bernie Sanders.

Who will win the US presidential election 2020: A prediction as to the winner...

There is no doubt that Bernie will give a tough competition to Trump but if Russia provides any kind of data support to trump, he will outplace Bernie.

Is the DNC cheating? Again?

The DNC’s candidate always gains in the counting. And that is highly suspicious.

Our #1 objective must be: Drastically reduce the fear and panic among Americans

Fear begets fear, panic begets panic, but only if we allow it to continue to happen.