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While progressives are coming together to amass a political revolution the Trump administration seems hell bent on pushing our country over the deep end.

Once again we are gearing up for another important election cycle. Last election many were disappointed that the exciting and seemingly improbable candidacy of Bernie Sanders, a far left Progressive candidate who shares most of our anti-establishment values, failed in the Democratic primaries.

This time around it is not only Senator Sanders standing up for progressive values.

Candidates like Elizabeth Warren, who has already proposed a wealth tax as part of her 2020 campaign, and Kamala Harris who has endorsed the Green New Deal, have also entered the running, creating a much more diverse field of presidential candidates.

While the cable news likes to pass off important issues like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All as “pie-in-the-sky” and “unrealistic,” here at NationofChange we believe that there is too much at stake.

Millions of Americans are coming together to stand up against institutional racism, climate change deniers, and the corruption of our political machine. The message of the 2020 candidates are gaining traction with voters and we’re watching the national conversation morph before our eyes.

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