Saturday, May 21, 2022

Current dispute over ICBMs is a quarrel over how to fine-tune the doomsday machinery

Challenging rote assumptions about ICBMs will be essential to disrupt the march toward nuclear apocalypse.

‘Radical action’ needed to reach global climate goals, renewable energy agency says

“The current crisis shows that we must accelerate, not slow, the renewable energy transition. This is the only true path to energy security.”

Up to 40% of the world’s land is degraded by humans, UN report warns

“In a world of profligate consumerism, global supply chains, and a growing population, land resources—our soil, water, and biodiversity – are rapidly being depleted."

EPA announces new plan to regulate wastewater pollution with updated guidelines and standards

"Importantly and for the first time, EPA is committing to limit PFAS in wastewater discharges.”

How Biden can do more Than just restore Trump’s environmental rollbacks

President-elect Joseph R. Biden has indicated that he’ll quickly roll back the rollbacks as soon as he’s inaugurated. Yet a reset is not enough.

Appeals court halts Dakota Access Pipeline shutdown order

On the day that had been initially set as a deadline for shutting down the Dakota Access Pipeline, a federal appeals court today issued an order that effectively allows oil to continue flowing for now.

The Hairball That Gagged a Fracker

Rick Berman is a political consultant who plays so dirty even Big Oil is not interested him. This man takes funding from corporations and uses that money to publicly slam environmentalists, low-wage workers, and any of his enemies.

Report: Global climate lawsuits against governments and polluters on the rise

In the post-COVID era, as the Grantham Research Institute report concludes, “climate litigation may remain as important as ever.”

‘Existential threat’: Indigenous leaders urge Citigroup to stop backing Amazon oil

Indigenous leaders said the bank's role in enabling the expansion of the oil and gas industry was pushing the Amazon rainforest closer to the brink of collapse.

New study finds climate change denial received disproportionate media coverage for decades

"Rather than marginalize self-interested voices and give prominence to expert voices, these papers did just the opposite."