Friday, February 23, 2024

Oregon again a battlefield for fracked gas pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG terminal

“The bottom line is we want to stop the project, so whatever tools are available to do that — so I’m not ruling out anything.”

Top 10 most contaminated groundwater sites revealed in first major coal ash pollution study

The report contains examples of several well-documented instances of residential tap water contaminated by coal ash.

White nationalists’ extreme solution to the coming environmental apocalypse

Ecofascism is a dangerous cloud gathering on the horizon.

EPA reportedly helped Paris agreement opponents place op-eds in newspapers

Conservative op-eds argued wrongly that China and India are not taking action.

Our vanishing world: Glaciers

Something is causing the worlds glaciers and mountain ice fields to melt. And, despite your first thought, it is not the ongoing...

Putting ‘health of all species’ in danger, Trump EPA proposal guts restrictions on toxic...

“With Trump's EPA reversing even the most commonsense protections, our health, and the health of all species, is in serious danger.”

Failed action on the climate crisis makes resistance imperative

It is this reality that is spurring people around the world to take action in the growing global climate emergency movement.

Greenhouse gas emissions set for record decline due to coronavirus lockdowns

"I hope the striking improvements in air quality we've seen remind us what things could be like if we shifted to green power and electric vehicles."

America did not vote for this cabinet

The cabinet is a strong indicator of who Trump's government will really be working for.