Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Nashville students rally for gun control ahead of April 5 nationwide walkout

One organizer said that if Tennessee lawmakers "actually cared about protecting kids" they would "address what kills kids every single day" instead of banning books and drag shows.

End the U.S. policy of perpetual war

Please join us in telling President Obama to stop the war on terror.

Tell the Obama Administration to Abandon the Dakota Access Pipeline

Sign the petition and stand with the thousands of professionals, and the Standing Rock Sioux, to tell the Obama administration to permanently cancel construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Protect the bats from lethal wind turbines

Please sign the petition to tell the AWEA to make these changes so that we can save 90 percent of the bats rather than just 30 percent.

We must not dance, Harry Belafonte understood, to a billionaire beat

This epochal artist helped us see that justice for all requires a just distribution of wealth.

Expelled Tennessee Democrat says GOP is threatening to cut local funding if he’s reinstated

"This is what folks really have to realize," said former state Rep. Justin Pearson. "The power structure in the state of Tennessee is always wielding against the minority party and people."

EPA to fund network of centers to help marginalized communities access environmental justice money

“There are communities waiting for (toxic) sites to get cleaned up. They are waiting for infrastructure to be built so their communities don’t flood.”

Support stronger air pollution standards

Tighter standards for air pollution could save lives.

Save the Renewable Fuel Standard

Help us tell the EPA to keep the Renewable Fuel Standard and keep the United States moving away from dependence on foreign oil.