Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“Open season”: Heather Heyer’s mother slams new laws giving immunity to drivers who hit...

“Since when do we allow the public to become judge, jury and executioner?”

NYPD Officer Found Guilty of Fatally Shooting Akai Gurley

The jury, a panel of seven men and five women, deliberated for two days before delivering the verdict. One juror called it a “very hard decision.”

Democracy Spring Protests Bring Record Number of Arrests

Over 400 people have been arrested and it's only the first day.

For Nine Souls in Charleston, One Year Later

Cynthia Hurd. Susie Jackson. Ethel Lee Lance. Depayne Middle-Doctor. Clementa Pinckney. Tywanza Sanders. Daniel Simmons. Sharonda Singleton. Myra Thompson. Remember them by name. They live on.

Donald Trump and the Extreme Vetting of Muslims

Trump hopes for a bounce in the polls via this ugly religious bigotry. Here's to hoping that Americans are better than that.

Assange extradition: Justice denied or just delayed?

“The American public needed urgently to know what was being done routinely in their name, and there was no other way for them to learn it than by unauthorized disclosure.”

Six reasons why American corporations shouldn’t get a tax cut

A corporate tax cut is the wrong solution to the wrong problem.

‘Divest The Globe’ protests urge banks to cut ties with fossil fuels

“The system is not going to break people down. We will stand stronger together no matter the distance.”

Exclusive: Photos show aftermath of lethal South Carolina prison brawl that left seven dead

The violence, which culminated in the deaths of seven prisoners, was the deadliest event of its sort in the past quarter-century in the United States.