Thursday, September 28, 2023

How to fix a broken Supreme Court

The Supreme Court derives its strength not from the use of force or political power, but from the trust of the people.

The scourge of Trumpism, the curse that descended upon America 

Scourge: “A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment on humanity.”

Economic growth in G7 versus BRICS: a reality check

Like rose-colored glasses, anti-systemic glasses make economic problems appear less dangerous, narrower, and more limited in effects than they actually are.

Apologist for Tucker Carlson’s racism: Glenn Greenwald

These vehement defenses of the most influential media purveyor of the racist “replacement” theory are destructive efforts to launder hate by a once-admirable journalist.

Ethiopia: Amhara genocide and the threat of civil war

If peace, social harmony and democracy are to be established, long-term constitutional reform is needed, ethnic federalism abandoned and fair and open parliamentary elections held. 

Legal marijuana is a job creation machine

We can see this playing out in the states that have legalized marijuana. Early legalizers, Colorado and Washington, saw double-digit jobs growth last year.

The Fukushima Disaster: The hidden side of the story

Exposing the nuclear industry and its lies.

Billionaires envision a new utopian city—to replace what they ruined

Silicon Valley’s wealthy elites have been secretly buying up land in one of California’s poorest counties to build a new city from the ground up. Who will stop them?

Trump’s RICO indictment proves the GOP is beyond saving

The depth of criminality within the Republican Party – both among its elected officials and its operatives – is truly unprecedented.

Announcing Bernie or Bust 2.0: Electoral warriors for the Green New Deal

We need a populist GND – championed by a principled populist like Sanders – to sweep today’s criminally insane Republicans (whom Biden likes so much) into the dustbin of history.