For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to President Trump, telling him to end the U.S. policy of perpetual war.

Update 6/28/17: We have sent the first letter to President Trump with 2,000+ of your signatures. We will continue to send letters every 1,000 signatures. Thank you!
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As Michael Payne puts it, “The War on Terror is not a war unto itself; it is just one facet of the larger agenda of perpetual war that this government, filled with bloodthirsty war hawks, has conducted for far too long.”

For the last 15 years America, has been engaged in perpetual war.

Our government tells us to be afraid, and that terrorist groups pose a great threat to our country. But America has played the largest role in the origin, spread, and cultivation of these terrorist groups with our constant aggressive military policies.

It is time for the United States to end this state of perpetual war, to bring our troops home, and to cease our aggressive military policies.

2018 Peace Calendars are here!


Please join us in telling President Trump to stop the war on terror. We need to promote peace and communication between countries, not aggressive foreign policy and military practices.

Click here for a fact sheet on America’s wars from The Department of Veterans Affairs.

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signed 2 days ago

I do not believe that the very wealthy should continue to be taking profits from the tax payers through the war industry.


signed 2 days ago


signed 1 week ago

As much suffering is unavoidable, our human goal should be to avoid unnecessary suffering. What causes more unnecessary suffering than war?


signed 4 weeks ago

I'm tired of our children being killed for the greedy. Thou shall not kill!


signed 1 month ago

"From 2012 to 2017 global wealth increased $37.7 trillion, U.S. wealth increased $26 trillion largely because of surging stock market.