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Gun violence kills nearly 100 Americans every day. But Congress refuses to move forward on gun control legislation claiming that there is not enough evidence and not enough research to move forward.

The number of mass shootings has increased dramatically over the last several years. This is the time for action.

We are concerned about the influence NRA has on Congress. In 1996 the NRA passed the Dickey Amendment, preventing the Center for Disease Control from studying the effect of gun violence on the American public. Now, 20 years later, even the author of the amendment, Congressman jay Dickey, believes it should be repealed.

Not only has Congress not allow any new gun control measures to pass, or in some cases even be voted upon, but they are also working hard to keep anyone from doing any serious research on gun violence.

Now the most powerful medical association in the United States has called gun violence a “public health crisis.”

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signed 1 month ago

If Congress wants evidence other than the evidence that is already seen by numerous mass shootings in the USA, then repeal Dickey Amendment!


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signed 2 months ago

I am sick of the needless massacres in our country and know for sure that we must move forward on gun control legislation. Ban assault guns

Mary Ellen

signed 2 months ago

I am appalled by the number of daily deaths in our country due to gun availability and by the lack of action on the part of our elected