For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send a letter to the EPA, asking them to keep the Renewable Fuel Standard.

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The Renewable Fuel Standard is a current policy that helps strengthen our national security and lowers our dependence on foreign oil. The Environmental Protection Agency is considering gutting it.

Purchasing oil from foreign countries increases funding to groups that fight against our military. The Renewable Fuel Standard currently limits by requiring a minimum number of renewable fuels are used for transportation in the United States.

Getting rid of the policy would not only increase funding for weapons in the hands of dangerous militia, but would remove funding for thousands on jobs in the United States and would cause worldwide oil prices to be out of control.

Help us tell the EPA to keep the Renewable Fuel Standard and keep the United States moving away from dependence on foreign oil.

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signed 2 months ago

a logical person, I am I think, can't imagine that a solution to filth is not valuable. Get rid of filth of fuel and filth of Pruitt


signed 2 months ago

It doesn't make sense to me that our country is buying oil from other countries, when we have sufficient deposits here to meet our needs!


signed 2 months ago


signed 2 months ago


signed 2 months ago