For every 1,000 signatures, NationofChange will send letters to President Trump and Scott Pruitt, demanding that they reinstate the Clean Power Plan and continue providing funding for climate science.

Update 6/26/17: We are sending this petition to President Donald Trump with 2,000+ of your signatures and will continue to send for every 1,000 signatures.

Since being sworn into office, President Trump has issued numerous Executive Orders that have rolled back progress on climate change.

Among these are orders directly to the EPA and other government agencies to abandon climate research and roll back policies put into place to combat climate change.

Agencies are being ordered to ignore the impacts of carbon pollution and begin leasing coal mining rights on federal land. The EPA is being ordered to dismantle its landmark climate protections, the Clean Power Plan.

Trump is also pulling funding from projects that would help us learn more about climate change and our effects on it, such as NASA’s climate science department.

We can’t let the Trump administration get away with this. It has been shown that an outpouring of public outrage can have a profound effect on policy. Public response and activism has helped combat the Muslim ban and prevented Republicans from passing a disastrous health care plan.

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Now we need this same outrage to keep Trump from obliterating all climate action and protections.

Tell President Trump and EPA director Scott Pruitt to reinstate the Clean Power Plan and continue funding climate science.

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signed 2 hours ago

republicans and corporations are destroying our world THEY HAVE NO DAMN RIGHT TO DO THAT PUT THEM ALL IN PRISON OR HANG THEM AS TERRIORIST


signed 12 hours ago


signed 24 hours ago

Citizens deserve to have scientists leading the way to save living things on earth. We should never have our health compromised by elected!


signed 2 days ago


signed 2 days ago

This is the only world we have. We mess that up, we no longer have a home. We cannot afford for our children to inherit extinction.