Saturday, October 16, 2021

Tag: 2016 Presidential Elections

Hillary Clinton Refuses to Say If She Will Release Copies of...

“Two weeks ago, Clinton laughed when The Intercept’s Lee Fang asked Clinton if she would release the transcripts of her paid speeches.”

Hillary Clinton’s Support for GMOs Confirmed by Gates Foundation

Hillary Clinton, who is currently in a race with anti-GMO Senator Bernie Sanders to become the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate, is coming under increasing pressure following a series of revelations regarding her ties to Monsanto and the Biotech Industry.

The Media Win Iowa! Will They Carry New Hampshire?

Round one goes not to the candidates but the media, which reasserted its dominance over the political process — for now.

Voter Asks Ben Carson: If You’re So Smart, Why Don’t You...

At his town hall meeting in Iowa City, Ben Carson was asked why he does not publicly accept climate change to which Carson replies climate science is “politicized.”

Watch What Happens When Trump Calls Sanders a Communist

Donald Trump calls Bernie Sanders a communist while campaigning in Iowa City.

The Miracle of Bernie’s Candidacy: The Holiday Story You Won’t Be...

“Bernie’s honesty and commitment to ‘America’ (great ad!) has brought results in the form of record-breaking crowds and donations.”

Is Trump Not Already Our Greatest Political Hustler?

That Trump’s flummery has staggered the GOP wing nut field, hardly teeming with truth-tellers, then forged frontrunner status — that confirms truly championship hustling. What other charlatan with zero elected experience ever got this close? And imagine the bomb President Trump would drop on history, taking America down a road it’s never gone before.

Hillary in Blackface: The Blaxploitation Politics of Identity Democrats.

Hillary Clinton predictably pandered to African-Americans at the last presidential debate, again hoping to exploit identity politics to hoodwink black voters.

60-33 Lead for Bernie in New Hampshire

Bernie is showing a significant lead over Hillary in new New Hampshire poll.

Donald Trump Endorsed by Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin chooses to endorse Donald Trump over Ted Cruz.


The CIA’s illegal plots against Wikileaks and Julian Assange

There should be more sympathy for Assange and the outlet he founded in corporate media.

Discontent by design: The lost world of The West

The Culture of Pleasure sits tightly within and feeds the pervasive Ideology of Consumerism, a socio-economic model that has poisoned the environment and led to the commodification of everything, and everyone.

The general strike of 2021

Corporate America wants to frame this as a “labor shortage.” Wrong.

How feminists can support Afghan women living under the Taliban

Afghanistan’s underlying economic and humanitarian problems, which disproportionately affect women and girls, cannot simply be ignored because of the Taliban’s record.”

To find out if ExxonMobil really supports a carbon tax, just follow the money

Despite claiming to endorse a carbon tax, ExxonMobil has funneled millions of dollars to lawmakers who oppose the idea.