Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tag: Democratic debate

Did Hillary Clinton Break DNC Debate Rules?

A photo shows that Hillary Clinton met with her aides during a break in this week's democratic debate - a clear violation of DNC debate rules.

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Appears on State of the Union: “Our Numbers...

Bernie Sanders offers a message of hope for his supporters: "Our numbers are getting better. I am absolutely certain that our numbers will continue to get better."

The Democratic Face-Off in Milwaukee: The Hammer and the Stiletto

Clinton may want to dismiss Sanders’ critique of our corrupted politics and rigged economy as a “single issue,” but more and more Americans are coming to understand that this is the heart of the matter.

Hillary in Blackface: The Blaxploitation Politics of Identity Democrats.

Hillary Clinton predictably pandered to African-Americans at the last presidential debate, again hoping to exploit identity politics to hoodwink black voters.


The Donald also rises?

For all practical purposes, right-wing populists will have taken over the world.

Personal interview: Finian Cunningham—What are the prospects for peace?

Finian Cunningham focuses on the realities of the international power struggle unfolding in real time and the role of everyday citizens in affecting the relationship the U.S. now has and will have with the rest of the world community.

Overturning Roe v. Wade isn’t just about abortion

It’s also about access to family planning services, contraception, sex education and much else—all of which have also been under threat in recent years.

The best sting against election fraud malice: Fund Ruby Freeman’s justly historic defamation suit!

There is something especially vicious when a powerful politician descends to abusing innocents in an unsuccessful deception he knew would fail.

Plastic trash in the ocean is a global problem, and the US is the...

A study published in 2020 that concluded that the U.S. is the largest global source of plastic waste, including plastics shipped to other countries that later are mismanaged.