Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Voices for Change

Prospects for a republic beset with disunity 

A republic needs endless work/ Or insurgent forces go berserk.

Italy’s far right rode inequality to victory — but has no answers for it

A let-the-rich-be government has opened the doors to the smiling heirs of Italy’s neofascist factions.

The truth behind “self-made” billionaires

Billionaires are not made by rugged individuals. They’re made by policy failures. And a system that rewards wealth over work.

MAGA, Tea Party’s steroidal cousin, will outlast Trump – but only by escaping primitive...

Trump finale emerges as the perfect lesson that Pride (still) Goeth Before the Fall, exposing the dangers of not knowing who you are, what you can and can't do.

Nothing good or bad – but treason makes it so 

How can there be hocus pocus/ When all I did was mental focus?

Hogwash! That the US goes full banana republic by prosecuting endless Trump crime sprees

Any failure to indict the spate of Trump criminality signals the beginning of the end of America.

Making sense of reactionary victim culture

Along with their portrayal of themselves as the real victims of made up or almost entirely online concepts like ‘cancel culture’, many on the right from politicians to pundits also excel at projection.

The most outrageous Trump scam – that he ‘loves America,’ fosters greatness and serves...

In the end MAGA will be the greatest fraud of all, instead getting renamed by historians MTGA, Make Trump Great Again.

Why are liberals defending the outrageous secrecy of this supposedly ‘democratic’ nation?

Trump's legal troubles are exposing a National Security state run amok.

Renewed TPLF terror war against the Ethiopian people

And the fighting continues.

Peace talks essential as war rages on in Ukraine

The only realistic alternative to this endless slaughter is a return to peace talks to bring the fighting to an end, find reasonable political solutions to Ukraine’s political divisions, and seek a peaceful framework for the underlying geopolitical competition.

As extremist Trumplicans sabotage the midterm, party suicide looms, and more scandals on tap

Short and long term, why are MAGA Republicans not damned if they do dump Trump and damned if they don’t.

The real reason teachers are quitting

Defend our teachers. Pay our teachers. Value our teachers. The work they do determines our future. 

Hypocrisy abounds as PPP loans to 1% forgiven, while Biden seeks to privatize taxpayer...

Word has leaked out that the Biden administration is about to enter negotiations with Big Pharma, for the express intent of shifting the cost of COVID vaccines and lifesaving antiviral medications, to the patient. 

Judgment over time guaranteed: Truth will out, grinding indefensible right-wing lies to smithereens 

Yes, I anticipate criminal Trump indictments, but I am even more certain there will be comprehensive indictments by scores of historians.

How Republicans could steal the next presidential election

Your vote is important, and not just in federal elections. The future of our democracy is not guaranteed.

Climate change: endless words, where’s the action?

There is virtually no time left, many believe we are already too late to do much to arrest climate change and the...

Community schools can revitalize the neighborhoods around them

The transformative approach to school improvement is a catalyst for community revival.

Inflated by meager advances, the deluded still cling to the ‘Trump Party of Stable...

Do Trumpers have to sustain their dignity with loyalty not only to a naked emperor but one about to be run out of town on a rail?

Contradictions negate Lady Liberty’s message

Today’s anti-immigration anger is revoking the generous promises we identify with Lady Liberty.