Monday, June 17, 2024

Voices for Change

Sick of complaining – or enduring election terror? Join up: Write postcards, text, or...

Join up and help offset the latest plunge into crass absurdity.

Lock ‘em up! Either presidential loser faces jail time or being swatted by punitive...

Let’s hope Never Trumpers vote before lawful protesters, dissenters and critics are sent to the gulag.

If not courts, juries and the rule of law, then what?

If America is battered, even demoted as a world power, then what?

Trump’s attorneys’ ‘absolute immunity’ bromide is worthy of disbarment

SCOTUS conservatives aid and abet this absurdity.

The right is bonkers: Trump’s no messiah, not law-abiding, not most electable

Sure, compromised Biden numbers suck,/ But where else can he go but up?

The ICC takes on Israel and the US congressional mafia

The ICC has been building a case against Israel for nearly a decade.

The truth about Trumponomics

The MAGA agenda would make nearly every aspect of your life more expensive, while making the richest Americans even richer.

Low-life Supremes openly break supreme perfidy records

Without term limits and strong ethics log,/ Our fate mimics that water-boiled frog.

Bezos and Musk vs. workers

These corporations win this fight only if the public doesn’t know what’s happening.

How Wall Street priced you out of a home

Investor purchases hit their peak in 2022, accounting for around 28% of all home sales in America.

Trump’s brash profligacy panders to MAGA fantasies of sex, money, crime, and evasion

Lying, predation and mob loyalty are in – join the cult con, grab “whatever you deserve.”

The arsenal of genocide: The US weapons that are destroying Gaza

Our government has delayed a planeload or two of bombs and issued a report that fails to hold either the U.S. or Israel accountable for their war crimes.

The good, the bad, and the yucky – how far can the circus lurch...

Vs. MAGA whiners, Olympic winners should be the iconic role models – testifying to the glories of hard work, good faith and respect for majority rules.

Brand loyalties dominate our life choices—but party brands are hardly created equal

Sorry, but a convicted scoundrel struggling to stay out of jail only to become a fascist commando sounds like a miracle way to lose.

Should billionaires exist?

If capitalism were working properly, billionaires would have gone the way of the dodo.

Eight drivers that springboard Trump’s nose-dive into humiliated loser

What makes even a lousy career criminal look bad? To be proved a blundering, hypocritical boob.

Are presidents above the law?

Voters are entitled to know before casting their ballots whether they are choosing a felon for president.

The case against RFK Jr.

Would RFK Junior be just another crackpot in the growing pool of fringe politicians?

Will the Freedom Flotilla sail to Gaza?

Hundreds of international activists wait to set sail from Istanbul to Gaza with 5,500 tons of desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Doesn’t the forever Scoundrel-in-chief expose Trumpism as rank, deviant criminality?

The main “freedom” sought by this scam freedom fighter (and lackeys) is to commit more crimes.