Voices for Change


The case for obstruction of justice

There’s already more than enough evidence of probable cause to begin that impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

Climate Judases: Three ways Democrats betray humanity

The Democratic Party remains as perversely bad on climate action itself as on the non-climate issues required to foster it.

Can the U.S. establish a ‘deconfliction’ with Russia in Syria?

The U.S. said late Monday that it would try to reestablish “deconfliction” with the Russians. A lot is riding on whether they do.

Behind the media surge against Bernie Sanders

Like it or not, the battle over the future of the Democratic Party – including what kind of presidential nominee the party should have in 2020 – is already underway.

America will regret helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen

Selling weapons to Saudi Arabia has consequences. The intense anti-U.S. sentiment in Yemen should be a wake-up call for Americans.

Talking with my friend about Trump

“We can’t let this happen!”

Beyond ‘no’ and the limits of ‘yes’: A review of Naomi Klein’s ‘No Is...

No is not enough. But yes is not enough, either. Our fate lies in the joy and grief of maybe.

We can’t fight climate change if we keep lying to ourselves

The inability to see what is in front of our eyes replicates the blindness of all past civilizations that celebrated their eternal glory at moments of precipitous decline.

Turning the moral injury of war into moral outrage for change

Our job is to turn moral injury into moral outrage and transform the United States into an exceptional humanitarian nation.

Resistance in a time of gunfire

We don’t have to reinvent ourselves along violent lines. Instead, we can become a country that changes itself through nonviolent revolution.

Frat boy fascists and real world trolls

The idea that the left, even at its extremes, surpasses the right in terms of violence is a myth propagated as much by the center as it is by the right.

Government of, by, and for Trump

When loyalty trumps integrity, we no longer have a government of laws.

From pseudo-democracy to real participation

True democracy is an expression of the brotherhood of man.

Trump’s Twitter bombs

If a president is going to pick a mess of foreign fights, wouldn't it be better not to pick them with allies?

‘Stonewall’ Sessions leads the charge of the Trump brigade

The attorney general's testimony before the Senate intelligence committee was more smoke and mirrors.

White House for sale: Emoluments, corruption and Donald Trump

Never in U.S. history has the prospect of a president's real and potential business dealings created such a marked array of conflicts.

The GOP will free you from having health care

You're free to be poor, free to be politically powerless or free to be ill and uncared for.

The Koch brothers & Trump: The men who sold the world

With the help of the Koch Brothers, Trump and the Republican Party have “moved in the opposite direction from virtually the rest of the world.”

America last

Will Trump set a record for the history books?

The age of anger

As we sleepwalk into the future, the steady deterioration of the ecosystem will ultimately lead to total systems collapse.