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Friday, September 30, 2016


Madoff in the White House?

How Trump’s conflicts of interest could become ours.

Congress: Flint Residents Can Wait for Clean Water

"The people of Flint deserved assistance more than a year ago, and they require assistance now, without further delay."

Political Pressure Forces Wells Fargo Executives to Give Back $60 Million...

Wells Fargo was first exposed three years ago by journalists and it has taken this long to finally see some repercussions.

Standing Firm at Standing Rock: Why the Struggle is Bigger Than...

For indigenous people, the fight to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline is about reviving a way of life.

Unarmed Black Man Killed by San Diego Police

Unarmed Alfred Olango was shot and killed by San Diego police after his sister called police to help with her brother's mental health emergency.

U.S. to Pay $492M to 17 American Indian Tribes

Even as the U.S. government pats itself on the back over these settlements regarding the abuse of American Indian land, a federal judge has ruled against the Standing Rock tribe’s request to halt construction of the crude-oil pipeline.

China’s Tiger Farms Make Poaching Worse

Tiger farming stimulates the demand for tiger products, which stimulates the poaching of wild tigers for superior products.

An American Century of Carnage

U.S. Special Operations command details a dismal U.S. Military record.