Bernie Sanders: “We need to change the electoral college”

Many politicians are disappointed in the election process and the electoral college this year.


Bernie Sanders is once again calling for radical changes in politics, this time with the electoral college.

After it was announced this week that Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote by over 2.5 million votes, Sanders posted the following tweets:

Sanders also told CNN’s Dana Bash that the electoral college needs to be “re-examined” and that having one candidate receiving “two million more votes than the other candidate” and then not getting elected president is “a little bit weird.”

He went on to say: “During the campaign we have states, California, New York, and many others that are traditionally Democratic and a whole lot of states that are traditionally Republican, the needs and the people of those states are ignored during the political process, and what ends up happening is campaigns basically are about 16, 17 states, battleground states, and I think that’s unfair to the people of the 30-plus states that would also like to be participating in the political process.”

Many politicians are disappointed in the election process and the electoral college this year. For the first time in history, electors seriously debated whether or not to stay true to their pledge of voting according to the voting results of their state.

Sanders has also called for new leadership in the Democratic National Committee as well as an overhaul of the Democratic Party as a whole.


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