Here are the most racially bigoted right-wing media segments of 2016

Here are the most bigoted stories and statements from right-wing media figures over the last year.

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In 2016, right-wing media’s use of racially charged and bigoted statements hit new lows, featuring widely condemned segments reliant on racial caricatures, bigoted attempts to blame progressives for the actions of white nationalists, and slurs directed against other media figures. Here are the most bigoted stories and statements from right-wing media figures over the last year:

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Offered Widely Condemned “Chinatown” Segment “Rife With Racist Stereotypes.” During the October 3 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly ran a segment featuring Jesse Watters asking offensive, stereotype-laden questions to Asian-Americans in New York City’s Chinatown such as, “Do you know karate?” and “Am I supposed to bow to say hello?” Lawmakers condemned Watters’ segment as “vile” and “xenophobic,” and the president of the Asian American Journalists Association described as “rife with racist stereotypes.”

[Fox News, The O’Reilly Factor, 10/3/16]

CNN’s Jeffrey Lord: The Left, “Whether It’s Black Lives Matter Or La Raza, … Provoked” White Neo-Nazi Group Into Existence. In an appearance on the November 22 edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord argued that “the left sort of provoked” white nationalist support for Trump, blaming “the left, whether it’s Black Lives Matter or La Raza,” and noting that “groups that identify themselves by race provoked this group to identify by race.”

[CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, 11/22/16]

Fox News’ Brit Hume: Obama Focuses On Arrests Of “Well-Bred Black Children” To Paint Cops As Racists. On the July 18 edition of Fox News’ Special Report, Fox analyst Brit Hume claimed President Obama focuses on arrests of “well-bred black children” to paint police as racists, adding that Obama “almost never” talks about “the nightly black-on-black gun carnage on the streets of Chicago and elsewhere.”

[Fox News, Special Report, 7/18/16]

Trump Ally Roger Stone Called Roland Martin A “Stupid Negro,” A “Fat Negro,” And “Dumb, Embarrassing, Token.” Trump ally Roger Stone slurred then-CNN contributor Roland Martin in a series of now-deleted tweets, deriding Martin as a “stupid negro,” a “token Buffoon,” and a “fat negro,” and declaring, “Roland Martin [is] CNN’s racist moron – dumb, embarrassing, token.” [Media Matters, 2/22/16]

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly: Slaves Who Built The White House Were “Well-Fed And Had Decent Lodgings Provided By The Government.” On the July 26 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly devoted his “Factor Tip Of The Day” to addressing Michelle Obama’s comments on slaves building the White House, arguing that “slaves that worked there were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government.”

[Fox News, The O’Reilly Factor, 7/26/16]

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly: Many African-Americans Are “Ill-Educated And Have Tattoos On Their Foreheads. … I Hate To Be Generalized About It, But It’s True.” On the April 11 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly asked Donald Trump how he is “going to get jobs” for African-Americans, claiming that “many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads. … I hate to be generalized about it, but it’s true.”

[Fox News, The O’Reilly Factor, 4/11/16]

Radio Host Rush Limbaugh: Activists Think Voter ID Laws Are Racist Because When Black People Try To Get IDs They End Up In Jail For Committing “Some Kind Of Crime.” On the July 29 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show, host Rush Limbaugh claimed that critics of voter ID laws believe the laws are racist, because these laws are “causing black people to go down to the state courthouse,” where police are “going to find out [they] committed some kind of crime and put [them] in jail.”

[Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 7/29/16]

Radio Host And Sheriff David Clarke Compared Beyonce To The KKK Based On Her Super Bowl Performance. In an appearance on the February 8 edition of Fox Business’ Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton, frequent Fox guest and radio host David Clarke responded to Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance by comparing her to the KKK, asking, “Beyonce in those Black Panther-type uniforms – would that be acceptable if a band, a white band came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion?”

[Fox Business, Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton, 2/8/16]

Radio Host Laura Ingraham: Mexicans “Have Come Here To Murder And Rape Our People.” On the March 4 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group’s The Laura Ingraham Show, host Laura Ingraham declared that Mexicans “have come here to murder and rape our people,” adding, “We know that.” Ingraham continued that it “doesn’t mean everyone who comes across the border is a nasty, horrible person, but they have violated our laws.”

[Courtside Entertainment Group, The Laura Ingraham Show, 3/4/16]

Conservative Writer Ann Coulter: “Latin American Rape Culture” Will Cause “A Lot More Abortions If We Don’t Close Our Border.” On the April 5 edition of MSNBC’s The Place For Politics, conservative writer Ann Coulter declared that “women are gonna get a lot more abortions if we don’t close our border with Mexico and bring in all of Latin American rape culture.”

[MSNBC, The Place For Politics, 4/5/16]


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