Florida doctor under investigation after cussing out patient and stealing phone

“Get your money and get the hell out! See ya later.”


Recorded on cellphone video cursing out a patient and stealing her daughter’s phone, a Florida doctor is currently under criminal investigation for allegedly assaulting his patient’s daughter and damaging her property. The argument began when the patient requested her copay back after waiting nearly two hours to see the doctor.

On Monday night, Jessica Stipe, 38, was recorded on her daughter’s cellphone while speaking with Dr. Peter Gollogly in the lobby of the Gainesville After-Hours Clinic. In the video, Stipe told him, “I specifically asked this lady to let people know when they get an appointment, that they may not be seen in a timely manner. She—”

“Are you kidding me?” Dr. Gollogly asked incredulously while interrupting her. “Do you know how many people? I’ve got seven rooms back there.”

“I made an appointment at 6:30 because I knew that—” Stipe explained.

“It’s 7:45!” Gollogly interrupted again while checking his watch.

According to her Facebook page, Stipe had been suffering from severe pain and vomiting when she scheduled her appointment with Gollogly. After waiting an hour and 45 minutes, Stipe only saw the doctor when he briefly appeared to request a urine sample. Feeling weak and exhausted, Stipe reportedly asked for her $80 copay back and decided to go home to rest.

“Do you want to be seen or not?” Gollogly asked her.

“I want to go home and get in my bed—” Stipe answered.

“Then fine! Get the hell out!” Gollogly cut her off again. “Get your money and get the hell out! See ya later.”

“I did. But that right there is just rude,” Stipe observed.

“Really?” Gollogly turned around.

“That’s disrespectful—”

“Really?” Gollogly repeated. “If you go to CareSpot, you’re waiting for three hours. Go to the ER and wait for nine hours.”

“Okay, you can get out of her face,” Stipe’s daughter cautioned the doctor.

Instead of backing down, Gollogly opened the front door while ordering, “Get the fuck out of my office! Now!”

As Stipe and her daughter calmly left the building, she informed the doctor that her daughter was recording the incident on her phone.

“You’re recording this?” Gollogly asked as he snatched the phone out of her hand and rushed back into the building with the stolen item. According to Stipe, her daughter is a minor and was assaulted by Gollogly when she attempted to retrieve her phone from the thieving doctor. Stipe also accused Gollogly of shutting off the video before throwing her daughter’s phone down a hallway.

Stipe immediately called the Gainesville Police Department who refused to press charges because her daughter was not seriously injured and her phone was eventually returned to her. GPD spokesperson Officer Ben Tobias later issued a statement that the incident remains under investigation despite the fact that Gollogly was not placed in police custody.

On Wednesday, Gollogly issued a statement regretting his behavior while continuing to place blame on Stipe and her daughter. He wrote, “But please appreciate that the videotape is but the last minute or two of a very abusive tirade against my office staff by the two women.”

For decades, doctor’s offices and waiting rooms have been notorious for incompetent scheduling problems and forcing patients to wait hours before seeing a doctor. By overbooking, understaffing, and hiring unqualified employees, many doctors continue these poor practices in order to cut costs while maximizing profits.

On Facebook, Stipe wrote, “Gpd is here now but says we can’t press assault charges even though it’s all on tape because she has no injury .. wtf .. he took her phone and shoved her she is a minor …. never go there for medical care.”

Gainesville After-Hours Clinic refused to comment on the incident. As GPD investigates the assault allegations and blatant theft, Stipe is considering filing a lawsuit against the clinic.


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