Trump slashes $7 billion from children’s health program

The move is being called "despicable on every level."

Image Credit: Andy Cross/ Getty/The Denver Post

More than $7 billion dollars of unused cash will be slashed from the Children’s Health Insurance Program after the Government Accountability Office approved the Trump administration’s proposal to cancel spending. The program helps “impoverished families provide healthcare to their children,” Truth Out reported.

This is part of the administration’s spending cuts of $15.3 billion, according to Politico.

The move is being called “despicable on every level” by Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif. After the approval was delivered to Congress on Tuesday, the “the White House’s plan for so-called rescissions will likely retain its filibuster-proof powers in the GOP-controlled Senate, easing the way for potential passage with a simple majority vote,” Politico reported.

And the House is set to vote in June on a drafted legislation that is already in line with the Trump administration’s proposal. But the Senate has yet to confirm if “they would take up an identical bill,” Politico reported. A few Republican senators have already voiced their concerns about the cut to CHIP, which just one Republican “no” vote would “sink” the Trump administration’s proposal.

Democrats in both the House and the Senate are said to unanimously show their opposition against the proposal.


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