Republicans see the light, no longer will submit to Trump’s domination

Most members felt that Trump would severely damage the chances of many of them who were up for reelection, and this could not be tolerated.


In a stunning, totally unforeseen turn of events, key Senate and House Republicans, after meeting in an 8-hour secret session, suddenly announced that Republican members of Congress will no longer bend to the iron-fisted dictates and rule of President Trump. This political bombshell came out of nowhere and has turned Washington DC upside down.

The turning point in the Republicans’ rock-solid support for Trump almost certainly came after two very consequential acts byf this president took place; first, his quite obvious abuse of power in the Ukraine situation, and second, when he opened the door for the Turks to begin their slaughter of America’s strong ally in Syria, the Kurds.

It’s being reported that Republicans determined they could no longer support Trump in his attempts to use his power to coerce President Zelensky of Ukraine into investigating his political rival, Joe Biden, and Biden’s son, Hunter. 

They felt that with more and more evidence piling up against Trump, together with the testifying of various government officials, that the walls were rapidly closing in on Trump and it was time to protect themselves.

Most of them were enraged and appalled at the decision he made, without the approval of Congress or the military leadership, in promising President Erdogan of Turkey, that he could invade the territory of the Syrian Kurds. They thought of this as a terrible betrayal of those Kurds who had fought with Americans to take down ISIS. They felt a bloodbath of the Kurds would start almost immediately and it did.

It seems like Republicans have had enough of being the bad guys and they are trying to transform their party into one that once was led by dedicated Republicans like Senators Robert Dole, Arlen Specter, John McCain, Olympia Snowe, Thad Cochran, as well as Everett Dirksen. 

Those were true conservatives who stood for the principles of ethics and morality, who were staunch supporters of fiscal responsibility. No one could ever call them obstructionists.

Republicans are sick and tired of having Trump usurp their power in the Senate by going around them on issues such as transferring funds from the military budget into building his Southern border wall, or refusing to discuss the Turkish situation with them before recklessly and senselessly making the decision on his own; he thinks of them as no more than his tools that only need to follow his orders.

They had fears about his mental instability.

They do not want to end up jumping off Trump’s rapidly sinking ship

They are tired of being his indentured servants.

They want to return to the days when Republicans and conservatives were respected by the American people.

When they began hearing themselves referred to as no more than serfs and peasants by certain members of the media and some of their constituents, that was extremely humiliating. They do not want to become political pariahs in the eyes of Americans.

They indicate that they will not, in any way, bend to the dictates of Democrats but will work with them on important legislation as they did in the past.

McConnell has stated that he will immediately convene a special group of Republican and Democratic legislators to expedite a process by which the government will fund new and far more effective computer systems all across this country to make certain that no country, Russia or any other can interfere with this country’s election process.

They have also indicated that they are very sorry for all the obstruction they have initiated with the blocking of key legislation. They will tell the American people how sorry they are and ask for their forgiveness. One of the things that they don’t feel good about is how they followed Trump’s orders to try to destroy Obamacare and take medical coverage away from many millions of their fellow Americans.

Those who practice the Catholic religion have said that they will go to confession regularly and seek forgiveness for the less than honorable things they have done.

The word around Washington DC is that Republicans held a second secret meeting of all their Senate members to discuss what to do about Trump’s almost certain impeachment by the House. The NY Times was told by one of those Republicans exactly what the decision was and that will unleash the fury of Trump upon them.

Without going into great detail the word is that the group had taken a vote on whether or not they should continue trying to protect Trump. The vote was almost unanimous that it was time to do what is right for this country and vote yes on a potential impeachment. Most members felt that Trump would severely damage the chances of many of them who were up for reelection, and this could not be tolerated.

There was agreement that, to keep their party from coming apart at the seams, that the best move would be to throw their support to Mitt Romney who might very well defeat a Democratic candidate. Romney would help to restore the reputation of their party which was something they sorely needed.

I’m pretty sure that this article will be seen as “fake news” and meaningless to many. But think more deeply about what it is really saying. I once wrote an article entitled “The America that might have been.” And what we have here could be called the Republican Party that once was and still could be.


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