I have proof positive

To my own mind, I have proof positive that TDMS Research is right.


I am a member of Democrats Abroad. DA held its own primary which ended March 10.  The results were announced today (March 23).

I live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This is supposedly the third largest Democrats Abroad community in the world, after London and Paris. Here are the unofficial voting results we got after March 10:

In total 245 ballots were cast successfully:

Joe Biden received 55% or 134 of the votes.

Bernie Sanders received 40% or 98 of the votes.

Elizabeth Warren received 2% or 5 of the votes.

Michael Bloomberg received 1% or 3 of the votes.

Tulsi Gabbard received less than 1% or 2 of the votes.

Pete Buttigieg received less than 1% or 1 of the votes.

Amy Klobuchar received less than 1% or 1 of the votes.

Uncommitted received less than 1% or 1 of the votes.

Deval Patrick, Tom Steyer, and Andrew Yang received no votes.

The world-wide Dems Abroad vote was as follows:

“Bernie Sanders has won the Democrats Abroad primary, netting a handful of delegates, but doing little damage to Joe Biden’s big lead.

“Sanders won 58 percent of the vote, which included just under 40,000 Americans living abroad, and Sanders will be awarded nine delegates to the national convention over the summer, according to the release from Democrats Abroad. Biden won 23 percent of the vote and will take home four delegates.”  

There were 230 voting centers worldwide.  39,984 voters. Only Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden got more than 15% of the votes cast.

 Candidate% of TotalNumber of VotesDelegate Count
 Bernie Sanders57.87% 23,139 
 Joe Biden22.66% 9,059 
 Elizabeth Warren*14.33% 5,730 
 Michael Bloomberg*2.23% 892 
 Pete Buttigeig*1.54% 616 
 Amy Klobuchar*0.56% 224 
 Tulsi Gabbard*0.37% 146 
 Andrew Yang*0.21% 85 
 Deval Patrick*0.07% 26 
Tom Steyer*0.05%190
 Uncommitted0.12% 48 
 Total100%39,984 13

*Suspended campaign

   Voters in 180 countries successfully cast their ballots

  The UK saw the most votes cast remotely, at 3,965

  Germany saw the most in-person votes cast, at 2,741

  Countries with the highest total turnout included UK (5,689), Germany (5,268), Canada (4,691), France (3,017), and Mexico (1,504)

  Country committees in Argentina, Ecuador, Finland and Romania held their first-ever in-person voting centers

  More than 3 in 5 voters cast their ballots remotely 

Hope Bradberry, president of Dems Abroad in San Miguel de Allende, wrote to me as follows: “The ballots were all hand-counted at the voting centers for people voting in person. Barbara Erickson, Jim Chase and I were the voting tellers locally, and there had to be 3 people at each voting center worldwide.  For people that voted remotely, via with a downloaded ballot that they signed and emailed back, those were also hand counted by a team at the Global level. We are an honest and honorable organization. There is no way that it could have been cheated. “

You have to compare these results to those in various states, where the counting was done by computer, and where there is all sorts of data suggesting that the results were doctored. What were the states that got the highest outcomes for Bernie Sanders?  His home state, Vermont, where he received 50.8% of the vote, and Biden got 22%; and California, where he received 34% to Biden’s 27.2%. In fact, the Dems Abroad election is the one in which Sanders won with the highest results against Biden. He got more than twice as many votes as did Biden. And, most importantly, this was the election in which there were only hand-counted ballots, and in so many different voting locations that it was impossible for the DNC to have skewed the voting.

There is no reason to believe that the voters in the Dems Abroad election might be more Bernie-oriented that in a very liberal, Bernie oriented state like Vermont. One would expect Bernie to win in his home state. And yet TDMS Research, which measures final results against exit polls, found that Biden’s final result in Vermont was higher than it should have been and Bernie’s was lower. That could well explain why the Dems Abroad vote came out better for Bernie than the Vermont vote. Because there was no way to skew the vote. There were too many voting centers geographically apart, and the number of delegates in play were too few to try to send out trolls to the many voting places.

Frankly, I was amazed that Bernie won the Dems Abroad vote. True, he had won in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, but I knew the San Miguel outcome shortly after March 10. San Miguel is a liberal town with liberal ex-pats. Yet Bernie lost there, and I thought this result would be indicative of the outcome world-wide. Yet he won overall. In other words, there is nothing particularly Bernie-oriented about Americans who live abroad. The result in SMA should have mirrored the result world-wide. The voter mix in SMA is not different than anywhere. To me, this all means that cheating was rampant in the State-side elections, because it was not in the world-wide elections.

To my own mind, I have proof positive that TDMS Research is right.


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