Republicans: Against government of, by, and for the people

Don’t these control freaks understand that when a country like America is in the midst of a crisis it’s the job of the government to step in and use all the resources it has to bring it under control?


Then why is it that a sizable number of the American people continue to elect and reelect these rogue politicians?

That’s like someone buying groceries at a store, after which some of the meats get spoiled after just a few days. Regardless of that bad experience the person keeps going back and buying the same meats time and again. 

Or where some person buys a certain type of SUV, keeps it about 10 years, during which it has a terrible repair record; and when it’s time to trade it in, that individual buys another SUV of the same make and model.

Right now, Republicans are in a state of total disarray and their party has no idea of the direction it should go in the future. It no longer knows what it stands for. The fact that Trump lost in a landslide and then tried every which way to reverse the results, using baseless charges of cheating, has them rattled. 

So are they going to think deeply to see if they can resurrect the party to be what it once was, the party of Lincoln? Absolutely not! They won’t go in the right direction and will proceed in exactly the wrong one.

What bothers them the most? It’s what is called racial demographics, defined as “division of population statistical information based on race.” These politicians and staunch supporters are deathly afraid of the fact that, in the future African Americans, Hispanics, and other races in America will continue to grow, while the white race will diminish. It’s said that by the year 2045 the Caucasian race will become a minority. 

The thought of living in this country with African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and Muslims being in the majority with whites in the minority is just plain terrifying to them. This is why we currently are seeing white supremacists literally “coming out of the woodwork.”

So, with this massive fear, what are they going to do to deal with this dire situation? They can’t just get rid of these undesirable people but they can do things to see to it that they cannot add more power to the Democratic Party.

Getting all Americans, regardless of race, religion, or political beliefs to vote, as Democrats continue to try to do, is anathema to Republicans. 

To try to stop this rapidly approaching racial change, Republicans have already begun the process of significantly increasing voter suppression. Now they intend to double or triple efforts to remove these selected Americans from voter rolls. 

If the Founding Fathers, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, and others were here with us today they would be doing everything possible to increase the voting of all Americans. They would condemn all efforts to suppress the votes of any American citizens. 

This voter suppression effort shows how Republicans don’t care what the Constitution says. They intend to manipulate the government in any way necessary to achieve their objectives to remain in total power. 

Here’s what must happen to save our democracy from the killers of the voting system. Democrats must find a way to turn the House HR1 legislation into law. Among other key provisions, this bill would “counter state-level Republican efforts to restrict voting access.”

It is critically important to pass HR1 to stop Republicans from totally corrupting our election system. Democrats must find a way to get this bill passed in the Senate. If Republicans band together to defeat it, using the filibuster, then Democrats will have to reform the filibuster or remove it entirely. 

On a different matter, Congressional Republicans are going to rue the day that they decided to refuse to vote yes on the Biden Rescue Plan. 70% of the American people and about 41% of Republicans in this country support the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill but not even one of the Republicans in the Senate and the House voted for it. The majority of people want it, they need it, but Republicans said NO!

This was a monumental mistake that is going to haunt Repubs for some time. Let’s call it just plain stupid. It’s like they just cut their own throats, stabbed themselves in the back, or pounded lots of nails into their political coffins. 

Don’t these control freaks understand that when a country like America is in the midst of a crisis such as a massive hurricane or massive flooding, or a pandemic like the current one, it’s the job of the government to step in and use all the resources it has to bring it under control?

Right now we are in the midst of a pandemic together with huge economic problems. While Trump and Republicans were in control, they refused to use those resources to bring the situation under control. They did little to nothing when there were massive numbers of people desperate and begging for help.

The only weapon the people have to counter this vicious attack is their right to vote. They must stop these Republicans in their tracks by loudly demanding that their representatives in Congress put a stop to this agenda of voter suppression. 

Further, they need to vote to remove every one of these rogue Republicans, who are trying to take away their right to vote. Send them packing and into the street.


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