The coming nightmare: White supremacists/extremists prepare to take total control of this government and country

So, what will Republicans do if they find some way to win this election and take over the entire government?

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“And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.” That’s the last line of the first verse of America the Beautiful, a song written by Katharine Lee Bates in 1893. Now, that’s a great thought, one that I interpret as saying that this was a great country, largely because people from various walks of life could work together for the common good.

Those words and their meaning have lasted for many years. But, unfortunately, they no longer describe the America in which we live. In past years and decades, those in our government, for the most part, performed their duties in an honorable manner, adhering to the principles of ethics and morality. Those days are long gone.

Why is there so much dissension and, even extreme hatred, between a significant part of the Caucasian community and Americans of different races? I’ve been thinking about how this has come about, what was it that caused this monumental change? What’s happened to the brotherhood that once was very prevalent in America? 

One of the biggest reasons was the re-emergence of white supremacy in our society. It has, once again, reared its ugly head. White supremacy is not new to America, it has always had a presence in this country, lurking just below the surface of our society. Something caused it to resurface in recent years. What triggered it? It’s called the “replacement theory.”

This is from the PBS News Hour: “Simply put, the conspiracy theory says there’s a plot to diminish the influence of white people. Believers say this goal is being achieved, both through the immigration of nonwhite people into societies that have largely been dominated by white people, as well as through simple demographics, with white people having lower birth rates than other populations.”

Here’s how I’d interpret what it’s all about. White supremacists have this great fear of the future based on demographics that indicate that white people will no longer represent the majority of Americans by 2043. That is more than frightening for them, it’s a complete disaster in the minds of this specific segment of Caucasian Americans. They hate the thought and will do everything they can to prevent it from happening. This is a great example of extremism in America.

The ranks of white supremacists/extremists, of course, include a significant portion of modern-day Republicans, who, by their devious actions, fit well in the group. Can we, then, conclude that white supremacists and far too many Republicans tend to think alike? Well, the answer to that question should be easy, like answering questions such as: is the earth round, or, are there 24 hours in a day?

So, what will Republicans do if they find some way to win this election and take over the entire government? Well, as quickly as possible, they will try to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and the food stamp program. Really, would they do such terrible things that greatly benefit so many Americans? Their leaders have made it known that they will do just that and more. They fully intend to attempt to reduce taxes for their rich masters, and also cancel Biden’s drug reduction program, as well as the student loan reduction plan.

Then, to show their alleged power over women, they will continue to attempt to show the women in America that they are no more than followers of men. Next, they will attempt to pass a national law that prevents all abortions, with no exemptions for rape or incest, or the life of the child or the mother, anywhere in America. Unbelievable!!! Beyond comprehension.

It appears that a fascist state could be ruling America before long. Do the people see it coming? I don’t think so. They watch, but they don’t see; they listen but they don’t hear. And that’s how fascism comes to a country, when the people just aren’t that concerned.

Could this madness take place in America? It’s pretty much inevitable as most of the polls are indicating that the Republicans are going to win the Nov. 8 elections, quite likely the House and, perhaps, even the Senate. The polls also indicate that the issues that the American people feel are the most important in this election are the economy and inflation, followed by jobs, crime, and taxes; and far down the list is the preservation of our democracy. It’s entirely possible that a very large number of the Americans who took part in these polls, don’t have their heads on straight.

The process of voting in America has become an endangered species. There are so many election deniers, aka, Republicans, that we aren’t able to get an accurate total count of how many there are. Republicans have previously used gerrymandering in many states and they have election deniers ready for positioning in election polling centers across America. They are more than ready to try to adversely affect the outcome of the midterm elections and then, the 2024 presidential election. Question: who is going to stop them?

On the “bright side”, the Republican Party is slowly but surely on a path of self-destruction due to the “the enemy within”, i.e, its own leaders and members; it’s only a matter of time until it no longer can survive. Its total demise will take some time, probably another decade or so, but it will happen. This party and its members have now proven that they are completely out of step with the large majority of the American people, and the direction of the country. And, so, they must go. 

We live in a supposedly civilized country. Then why is it that mass shootings with the use of military-style assault weapons go on and on and on, with nothing whatsoever happening to stop the bloodbath? Do we hear a huge outcry by the people in this country to stop this madness, to stop the slaughter of our little children, to demand a complete ban on all military-style assault weapons?? No, we certainly don’t. There is only a “deadly” silence until the next mass shooting. This is a national disgrace of the highest degree.

We continue to watch one more young man with one more AR15 assault weapon commit one more horrific mass shooting of our kids. There have been about 732 mass killings in America so far this year. Republicans, who block every attempt to put in a ban are, without question, complicit. How many of our young, helpless little kids, would still be alive today if these callous, uncaring Republicans would have done what is necessary and banned these deadly, murderous assault weapons?

So, what does the future hold for America and its people? Here are the choices: white supremacists/extremists vs. a normal country made up of multi-racial Americans; fascism vs. Democracy, freedom vs. suppression? What will it be America, what will your people do? Will they do what is right, go on the attack against these white supremacists/extremists, and defeat them in the next elections, to preserve this nation’s democracy? We’ll be watching.


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