The scourge of Trumpism, the curse that descended upon America 

Scourge: “A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment on humanity.”

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Scourge: “A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment on humanity.” That’s what Donald J. Trump inflicted upon America, its democracy, and its people. A demon has been, and still is, in our midst. 

In 2016, or thereabouts, this master lawbreaker appeared on the political scene. He used his form of demented magic on about 75 million or more Americans, on the leaderless Republican Party, and somehow, some way, he became president. America has been in a state of turmoil ever since.

Sad to say, the U.S. Justice System has been “chasing” Trump for decades but has failed to make him pay the price for his many, ongoing crimes. After considering his four indictments, we might say all the walls are finally closing in on him.

He has been making a complete fool out of the U.S. media, turning its news organizations into a vehicle to send his demented message of hatred and divisiveness all across this country, every day, almost all day long. And, it’s been working quite well—for him and media ratings, but not for America.

Where would Trump be without the U.S. media, especially T.V., which made him a television star, with a massive amount of ongoing national exposure? This has been happening to this day even after he has been exposed as one of the greatest lawbreakers in U.S. history. Without this media exposure, Trump would be a nobody, a nothing, and his MAGA supporters would be virtually nonexistent. 

When Trump opens his huge mouth, to spit out some kind of threat or condemnation, the resemblance to Benito Mussolini, the master of fascism, is astounding. What do these tyrants have in common? Both have been enemies of democracy.

Trump is the greatest threat to America’s democracy in this nation’s history. As such, Jack Smith must pull out all the stops, shift his efforts and those of his assistants into the highest gear, and take Trump down for the final count. The future of America depends upon him doing exactly that. 

So, what can we say about the rabid Trump supporters who think he is a saint? You’ve heard the term, “cut out of the same cloth”, haven’t you? Well, enough said. They are low-level Americans who could easily erupt into severe violence if Trump is sent to jail. 

Trump has brainwashed these shallow-thinking lemmings who would follow him anywhere, even over some cliff. He has poisoned their minds, which is a crime, to the point that they can no longer judge right versus wrong. It’s so sad to see fellow Americans unable to break free from the shackles of Trumpism.

What about the majority of Americans who are not followers of Trump, the normal-abiding people of this country? They are listening and watching as all of this turmoil goes on, so what seems to be their reaction? Little to nothing, there’s a lot of silence and, seemingly, a lack of any real interest in Trump’s indictments. And, that is very, very troubling.

Perhaps America and its people deserved to have this dark scourge and curse descend upon them to wake them up and get them more involved in government and social matters, to strengthen the country and our democracy. 

As the start of the various trials for his crimes get closer and closer all he can do is continue to make threats against Jack Smith, Judge Chutkan, Fani Willis, and others as he tries not to think about what prison life will be like. In his heart, he knows he cannot escape that inevitability. As the walls of justice rapidly close in on him he can run but there is nowhere he can hide, where the long arm of the law can’t reach him.

The question is: How much longer are these guardians of justice going to let Trump threaten them, insult them, and dare them to retaliate before we see him thrown into a prison cell? How much longer will they let him rip and tear the law into shredded pieces of paper right before their eyes before they shut his big, fat, mouth? 

Here are two very critical issues that could have a great effect on the outcome of the Jan. 6 trial. First, how will Judge Chutkan conduct the trial and, second, how soon will she schedule its start? This trial must have the highest priority. The judge must limit the constant attempts at delays by Trump attorneys. It must be a “speedy trial” so it can’t be adversely affected by the upcoming 2024 election activities.

Her decision, on Aug. 11, to put in place the protective order requested by Jack Smith is an important step to put restrictions on Trump and to protect witnesses before the trial. She minced no words in telling Trump that there will be serious repercussions if he doesn’t control what he says. I don’t think she will hesitate to throw him in jail if he dares to significantly challenge her authority. And, it is my wish that he ends up in an escape-proof cell.

After initiating the 4th indictment against Trump, DA Willis of Georgia has pounded the final nail into his political demise, and that’s great news for this nation and its democracy. Hopefully, she will be able to start this trial in a relatively short time. Once it gets underway, she will use the RICO procedure that she has utilized numerous times, to go after Trump, today’s mob boss, relentlessly. 

Of all the reasons why Trump’s rabid followers think he is their savior, I’d say the greatest is that they strongly believe that liars do not lie and that breaking the law is OK, that it’s normal. The latest Trump Jan. 6 indictment and the Georgia indictments will not affect them at all as they continue to embrace their sacred being, no matter how much he continues to shamelessly exhibit his lack of ethics, morals, integrity, and normal human decency. 

We are watching the battle for America’s soul.


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