‘Out of control’: Sanders calls for urgent Supreme Court reform following controversial rulings

Bernie Sanders calls for immediate reforms to the Supreme Court, citing recent rulings that grant presidential immunity and criminalize homelessness as threats to democracy and justice.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) has issued a strong call for Supreme Court reform in response to a series of controversial rulings that he argues threaten the foundations of American democracy. Sanders criticized the Court as “out of control,” pointing to its right-wing bias and the influence of corporate interests in shaping its decisions.

Sanders highlighted the 2010 Citizens United decision as a pivotal moment that ushered in a “corrupt, billionaire-dominated political system.” He also pointed to more recent rulings, including the removal of abortion protections, the criminalization of homelessness, the limitation of federal regulatory power, and the granting of unprecedented presidential immunity as evidence of the Court’s extreme agenda.

“These are just some of the dangerous rulings from a right-wing, corporate-sponsored Supreme Court that continues to serve an extremist agenda,” Sanders said. He emphasized that if conservative justices wish to make public policy, they should resign from the Supreme Court and run for political office instead.

The Supreme Court’s shift to the right has been a decade-long process, marked by several key rulings that have shaped public perception of its partisanship. The Citizens United decision, in particular, has had far-reaching consequences, allowing unlimited corporate spending in elections and increasing the influence of wealthy donors in politics.

In recent months, the Supreme Court has issued a series of rulings that have sparked outrage and concern among progressives and legal experts. The decision to remove federal protections for abortion, effectively overturning Roe v. Wade, has been widely criticized as a significant rollback of women’s rights. The Court’s ruling to criminalize homelessness by banning homeless encampments in public spaces has been condemned as an attack on the most vulnerable members of society.

Additionally, the Court’s decision to limit the power of federal agencies, exemplified by the Chevron case, has made it more challenging for the government to address critical issues such as climate change, public health, and workers’ rights. Most recently, the ruling granting broad presidential immunity has raised alarms about the potential for unchecked executive power.

Sanders has proposed several measures to reform the Supreme Court, starting with the implementation of a strong, enforceable code of ethics. He has also suggested rotating justices into federal courts to circumvent lifetime appointments, a proposal aimed at reducing the entrenched power of the current conservative majority.

Other prominent Democrats have echoed Sanders’ call for reform, advocating for the expansion of the Supreme Court to counterbalance its right-wing tilt. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) has proposed adding four seats to the Court, a move that would dilute the power of the current conservative supermajority. This proposal has garnered support from other Democrats, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) and Tina Smith (D-Minnesota), who have both called for Court expansion as a necessary step to restore balance and legitimacy.

“The Supreme Court is beholden to right-wing groups and the billionaire mega-donors that fund them,” Smith said. “The Supreme Court is broken. The remedy is clear. Expand the Court.”

The Supreme Court’s recent rulings have had profound implications for various aspects of American society. Economic inequality has been exacerbated by decisions that favor corporate interests, while women’s reproductive freedoms have been severely curtailed. The criminalization of homelessness has deepened the cycle of poverty for many, and the limitation of federal regulatory power has hindered efforts to address pressing issues like climate change and public health.

“At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, billionaire control of our political system, and major threats to the foundations of American democracy, it is clear to me that we need real Supreme Court reform,” Sanders said. “A strong, enforceable code of ethics is a start, but just a start. We’ll need much more than that.”


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