Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The West’s fanaticism over blaming ‘evil’ Putin misses the point—and an opportunity for a...

Pointing fingers won’t help—an attitude shift is what the world needs now.

Maricopa GOP leaders call out Arizona Attorney General for stolen election lies

A rare example of Republicans calling out their own instead of bending to pro-Trump lies as 2022’s primaries get underway.

Want America to be Great? Nominate Trump and Sanders

What if one-third of the right's seething, trust-only-their-gut gang cram Trump, already a General Election underdog, down their party throat? Fire-breathing Trumpery has not just dismantled the rightwing propaganda machine. He's discredited all lead "conservative" ideologues and their tiresome, failed ideology. Daily, Trump decimates the broken Bush coalition of billionaires, evangelicals and angry, dispossessed white workers. Bravo, I say! Trump is a win-win for the left, whether a primary winner or not.

Forget Polls, Transient Gaffes, Health-gate or Gaseous Sputters — Laurels Go to the Best-run,...

About government I doubt Trump knows what he doesn’t know or even what he believes in, if anything. If it becomes clear that Trump doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, how will undecideds begin to imagine his presidency? That double negative leaves Trumpism high and dry. The Trump circus could well achieve what few observers thought possible: make Hillary Clinton appear more trustworthy, if not presidential. Trump craziness, augmented by serial campaign malpractice, has managed to spotlight a suspect, compromised Democrat as more acceptable than she deserves On such matters elections are decided.

The Trump regime’s war on language

Who needs facts when we’ve got Kellyanne?

SCOTUS: Saving the Republic or the Republicans?

The Supreme Court's decision not to repeal the Affordable Care Act was “good news for the Republican Party, who were facing the prospect of being responsible for those millions losing their coverage." Now they won't look so bad.

Trump smashes a hornet’s nest with a giant club, opens a door to a...

A large number of America’s most respected psychiatrists have stated that this president is mentally unstable; that he is, therefore, unfit to be the U.S. .president, and must be removed from office.

In Syria, Rebels From East Aleppo Strike Hospital in Government-Held West Aleppo (Video)

You see headlines talking about the humanitarian disaster in the city, but it is hard to know what those headlines are talking about.

For Future Summer Olympics, Climate Change Is No Game

At the U.S. Olympic marathon trials held in Los Angeles to choose the team for the Rio Olympic Games this year, 30 percent of the runners dropped out of the race due to the heat. It will be even worse 4 years from now.

Hurricane Matthew Is a Herald of Man-Made Climate Change

All hurricanes in the contemporary world are made worse by the climate change that has already occurred, and will be made yet worse again by more climate science denial.