Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Air pollution is killing millions and rising exponentially—a shift in agriculture...

We must find a better way to prevent land use from changing.

Global aviation emissions in 2019 far exceed official reports, reveals study

This discovery reveals a significant under-reporting issue that could have profound implications for international climate policy.

Landmark study reveals gas stove emissions boost childhood asthma rates, adult...

The study, published Friday in Science Advances, represents the first time researchers have quantified the link between gas stoves and asthma from NO2 exposures inside homes.

Green group slams EPA failure to curb ‘dangerous levels of air...

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has opted to maintain the existing secondary national ambient air quality standards for sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

US bans asbestos after decades of industrial resistance

The chlor-alkali industry, which utilizes asbestos in diaphragms for chemical synthesis, is now compelled to transition towards safer alternatives.

EPA finalizes updates to National Ambient Air Quality Standards for particulate...

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the final rule "will prevent up to 4,500 premature deaths and 800,000 cases of asthma symptoms per year."

US air quality improvement: A tale of progress and persistent disparities

The Columbia University study offers a comprehensive look at the progress and challenges in air quality improvements across the U.S.

Wildfires unleash deadly air crisis as Western USA chokes on toxic...

Rising wildfire smoke nullifies decades of air quality gains.

Microplastics in clouds could ‘modify the climate,’ study finds

The tiny particles have been linked with widespread environmental damage, as well as cancers and a range of adverse health impacts related to the lungs and heart.

A Black community in West Virginia sues the EPA to spur...

Research shows that two majority-Black communities in the state were left out of a regulatory effort earlier this year to tighten limits on cancer-causing chemicals.


Biden proposes national rent control: Caps to target major corporate landlords amid soaring housing...

The announcement, scheduled for Tuesday in Nevada, comes as Biden seeks re-election and tries to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing American renters.

How to revive America and thump Trump in one fell swoop: Run a Harris-Biden...

Does Harris not resolve crippling aging issues, and that miserable debate not linked to her, presenting a youthful, energetic ex-senator and experienced VP.

Climate advocates sound alarm over JD Vance’s climate denial and corporate loyalties as Trump’s...

His stance shifted dramatically once he entered the political arena.

JD Vance’s astonishing transformation: From calling Trump ‘America’s Hitler’ to Vice Presidential pick

Does Vance’s dramatic reversal mark a significant shift in his political journey, reflecting broader trends within the Republican Party and American politics?

Boeing is everything wrong with American capitalism

Boeing’s descent is a case study in how American capitalism has become so rotten. Robert Reich explains.