Friday, May 14, 2021

Tag: Donald Trump

When you’re a cult, it’s Trump all the way (echoing ‘When...

Dedicated to Senate Retrumplicans covering up a direct WH call to insurrection.

While America was sleeping

Today, in the era of a 78-year-old president, a veritable Rip Van Biden, Americans and the rest of the world are, it seems, waking up in a new age.

Trump’s legal problems are only just beginning

Multiple investigations at the state and federal level—plus private lawsuits—await Trump in private life.

Nonviolent activists laid the groundwork to oppose a coup. They may...

Activists prepared for months, expecting Trump to steal the election. They were right, and he failed.

‘He’s gone’: Celebrations as ‘worst and most dangerous president in American...

Applauding the departure of the "worst and most dangerous president in American history."

It’s the smashed GOP, stupid! Can’t win with Trump, can’t win...

Are addled Republicans more at war with America, laws, elections and the Constitution—or with each other?

Army vet charged with attempted murder at Trump rally

Although the veteran told police that he fired in self-defense, a bystander video shows him approaching the vehicle before shooting into it.

Trump and his key enablers

Is the Trump nightmare finally ending?

Sedition caucus mimics Trump’s worst sin: Demolition of content—legal, moral, democratic...

The party of primitive deplorables, thinking it too could play with fire, is facing an outraged majority. Too bad it took so long.

Is impeaching President Trump ‘pointless revenge’? Not if it sends a...

If Congress chooses to impeach President Trump, it is because there is a need to mark out, through a definitive statement, what no president ought to do.


What America can learn from China—Lessons from the pandemic

While the China model cannot be transplanted to the West, there’s a lot that America can learn from China.

What’s up with the herd?

The United States won’t achieve herd immunity because a significant portion of the herd is suffering from mad cow disease.

A pesticide linked to brain damage in children could finally be banned

A court has ruled that the EPA must ban the controversial pesticide chlorpyrifos—or prove its safety.

A leaking oil refinery on St. Croix gives Biden his first environmental justice test

Nearly 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for the closure of a controversial oil and gas facility that has sickened residents of the U.S. Virgin Island.

Sanders, Omar, and others introduce permanent universal school meals program

“No child in the richest country in the world should face hunger.”