‘Frankenfish’ Threatens Food Safety


Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has approved the sale of GMO salmon, which could lead to an international issue when the product is distributed. There is a current pending trade deal with the European Unions and Canada to possibly start selling them these fish.

GMO salmon eggs will be shipped from Prince Edward Island to laboratories in Panama where they will grow to adult size and sent to Canada for consumption and for sales. Activists are outraged.

“GM salmon production threatens the future of wild Atlantic salmon,” said Calinda Brown of the Ecology Action Centre. “Retailers can protect consumers and the environment by making sure this GM fish never makes it to grocery store shelves.”

This man-made salmon, created by AquaBounty Technologies, Inc, will contain DNA from three fish: Atlantic salmon, Pacific king salmon, and Arctic ocean eelpout. This is the first time in history a GMO animal will be approved by the government for commercial sale and consumption. Furthermore, the FDA decided it would not require labeling of the GMO fish to let consumers know what they are buying.


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