Nestlé to Continue to Pipe Water Out of California Despite Drought and Expired Permit


Nestlé has been allowed to take water from the San Bernardino National Forest for years on an expired permit. This permit expired back in 1988 and a federal judge in California has just tossed out all allegations for this incident. They are able to continue, without consequences, to pipe out water in California despite the drought.

Courage Campaign Institute, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Story of Stuff Project had all filed a lawsuit against the company in 2015 and this was the result of it. With this ruling, Nestlé will continue to take thousands of gallons of public water a day.

“The court has just confirmed what many Americans fear, massive corporations play by a different set of rules than the rest of us,” Eddie Kurtz, executive director of Courage Campaign Institute, said in reaction to yesterday’s decision. “Nestlé has been pulling a fast one for nearly 30 years, taking a public resource, depriving plants and animals of life-sustaining water, and selling that water at an obscene profit without the right to do so, but apparently our justice system is OK with that.”


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