Trump crashing, his supporters agonizing, the Republican Party imploding

When in the world is he finally going to be indicted? Ever or never?


How much longer will the mentally challenged Donald J. Trump be allowed to fan the flames of hatred and divisiveness that are tearing this country apart? 

How much longer will it take AG Merrick Garland to indict him for his attempt to overturn the 2020 election, to incite the Jan. 6 mob attack on the US Capitol, and his theft of government classified documents, including nuclear documents?

We watch as this disgraced former president continues to run rampant across this country, to lie, misinform, and thumb his nose at various elements of the U.S. government, primarily, the Department of Justice. And get away with it.

We know that the wheels of justice grind very slowly. But, in the case of Donald Trump, they turn at a snail’s pace. With the numerous investigations of him going on, and the mountain of evidence against him, the question is, when in the world is he finally going to be indicted? Ever or never?

Merrick Garland and his prosecutors need to shift their operations into high gear and act very quickly before this master lawbreaker figures out how he can slither out of their reach once again to continue contaminating this government and society. 

Trump’s strategy is not the least bit complicated, it’s delay, delay, and more delay and, up until now, this tactic has worked beautifully. It’s as if the US justice system that allows all these many delays was designed just for Trump and his ilk.

I suppose the DOJ and other investigators have to be ultra-careful in gathering evidence to make sure that it is rock solid, and that it will stand up in court so that a jury will convict Trump. But enough is enough and one would think that all the evidence against Trump is more than enough. So, “C’mon Merrick let’s get moving and bring the hammer down on this enemy of the law.”

Every minute that he is still running loose is a minute of extreme danger for America. His latest tactic is to motivate and incite his small-minded followers to use threats and violence against the FBI, the DOJ, other government agencies, and the American people. 

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, not the brightest bulb in the room, issued a warning that if his mentor, Trump, was indicted, then we would see terrible riots all over this country. Well then, maybe he should be charged with inciting riots when they erupt.

Watching Trump go up against the US courts and judges shows us how full of holes and politically contaminated the system is. It tells us that if you have committed a crime and you are rich and powerful, you can come up with all kinds of legal schemes by which you can escape indictment. But if you’re a typical, average American, you’re going to jail.

Trump’s plight reminds me of the famous song, “Charlie Brown” as recorded by The Coasters some years ago:

Why is everyone picking on me?

Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown

He’s a clown, that Charlie Brown

He’s gonna get caught

Just you wait and see

Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?

Here’s the modern-day version of that song: Why is everyone picking on me?

Donald Trump, Donald Trump

He’s a clown, that Donald Trump

He’s gonna get caught (he already has)

Just you wait and see

Why’s everybody always pickin’’ on me?

Who are these forces that are trying to make him pay the price for his innumerable criminal acts?

First, there is the Dept. of Justice, headed up by AG Merrick Garland 

Then we have New York Atty. Gen. Letitia James 

Next is the Georgia District Attorney Fanni Willis

Let’s not forget Mary Trump, the former president’s niece who has a pending case accusing Mr. Trump of defrauding her of millions of dollars as part of a family inheritance dispute.

If the New York Atty. General, Letitia James, doesn’t do it, then the Fulton Country Georgia district attorney, Frani Willis must; and, if she can’t do it, then AG Merrick Garland will have to do it. Who knows, maybe all three will nail him. How much more torture does this country and its people have to absorb?

What about the national media which has been a major problem in the current ongoing political war? Various TV hosts and guest analysts keep talking about Trump, who is close to being indicted and convicted, and the possibility of his running for president in 2024. 

Instead of constantly raising the possibility of his running again, this media should, recognizing the massive threat to this democracy that Trump and his election-deniers pose, be spending huge amounts of time helping the DOJ indict and convict him. And it would be so nice to not see his ugly face constantly all over the news.

Watching Trump and the US justice system go round and around and around and get nowhere is enough to drive you crazy and almost make you wish you lived on a different planet. Is there any way to jump-start this process, shift it into high gear and get something done to throw this political monster into a jail cell?

Trump, the amateur magician, is ready to initiate his “Now you see me, now you don’t” or “catch me if you can” routine against the DOJ. But, it’s not going to work because Garland will come back with “you can run but you can’t hide.”

The DOJ and AG Garland have to outwit Trump’s appointed judge, Aileen Cannon, who is throwing roadblocks in their way to buy Trump more time to find new ways to circumvent the investigation.

But, wait a minute, maybe there’s something that we haven’t thought about. A great many Americans would like to see Trump locked up for the rest of his life, that’s a fact. Those paying close attention, especially after the Mar-a-Lago raid, have noted that his mental state seems to be rapidly unraveling.

If his mental state continues to deteriorate, he may not be indicted by the DOJ, but will, instead, be admitted to a mental facility for a prolonged stay. If this happens, the DOJ and other investigations will be put on hold and Trump’s supporters may well replace their violent intentions with great sympathy and concern for their Dear Leader.

Think of an outcome in which he will not be indicted, he will not be declared to be innocent, and he will no longer be able to run around the country spewing out his diatribe of hatred and violence. If that happens, then the greatest threat to America in modern times will come to an end, and the country’s democracy will survive.


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