Affirming yes demands ‘nope, nope & nope’

Behold, the New Year has arrived — Let’s count our blessings: we survived.


A New Year Pleasantry

Behold, the New Year has arrived —
Let’s count our blessings: we survived.
Struck dumb by electoral body blows,
The rational stagger with vertigo.

Though horror Bush-Cheney did beget
I dread we ain’t seen nothing yet;
What if Duyba was mere rehearsal,
For Trump’s anti-humane reversal?

The dirty tricks came thick and fast,
Russia, Comey, that “lock her up” blast;
Whatever disruption looms ahead,
‘16 knocked democracy half-dead.

Though empires come and empires fall,
Did any implode from a vanity wall?
Worse, climate shifts respect no border,
Nor mindless ‘cease and desist’ order.

With glaciers receding every year,
What moron bellows, “nothing to fear”?
How can America alone be great
When earthlings fry and suffocate?

This task transcends the nationalistic,
So knee-jerk Donald goes nativistic.
Cry havoc when this ignorant shill
Then talks up nuclear overkill.

Now we must steel the majority
To defy presidential infamy.
What bright new year comes without hope?
Affirming “yes” demands “nope, nope, & nope.”


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