Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Healing from colonization on Thanksgiving and beyond

The gap between colonized and colonizer can be bridged, although it will take a lot of work on the part of both.

Compassion versus greed

Why do we permit investors to latch on to apartments and neither live in them nor put them up for rent?

The whole damn system is guilty as hell: Taking control of police

Democratic community control of the police transforms the power dynamic between police and citizens.

Record inequality and corporate profits are what media call a ‘strong economy’

What explains corporate media’s credulous reliance on uninformative economic measures, and contradictory references to a “strong economy,” alongside reports on a struggling working class?

Senate VAWA bill ‘undercuts tribal sovereignty’

“Placing paternalistic restrictions on tribal courts in the name of 'due process' is nothing more than a disguise for prejudice."

Should there be a maximum income?

What, after all, is the guiding light of society?

Fighting for America’s soul

Progressives are fighting to save the values and institutions on which their country was founded.

A new generation of Black farmers is returning to the land

They are working to repair harm inflicted over the past 400 years, with an eye toward reparations.

Record inequality and corporate profits are what media call a ‘strong economy’

It makes little sense if one assumes corporate journalists are primarily concerned with informing the public.

Student protesters are walking a tightrope in Hong Kong

The whole world is watching Hong Kong.